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Game: Random collection of master martial artists
Movie: Random assholes with the same names
Legend: Random assholes

"Don't you remember these iconic characters from the film? 'Kelly'? 'Carl'? 'Carly'? My—my favorite scene with them was this one:" (fiery explosions)
JonTron on Home Alone (PS2)

"That’s the core of this show’s insanity, I think: They have a Lex and a Clark, but the way the show’s set up, neither one can do the stuff Lex Luthor and Clark Kent do. So they have to invent other characters like Lionel to fill those roles... I’d say that they should’ve just cast John Glover as Lex since he’s so good at being an absolutely evil bastard, but that would require them to cut that magnificent head of hair, and that’s a step I’m not willing to take."
Smallvillains on Smallville ("Lexmas")

"I'm not in the book, but I'm at your service."

"They got a show with real heroes but they got to make up the villains. What's up with that?!?"


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