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First Zod falls in love with Lana, now Bizarro? Is Brainiac next? Hey, I have an awesome idea, Al (Gough) and Miles (Millar). Let's introduce Doomsday, but instead of being evil, he falls in love with Lana! I'm a fucking genius! I just wrote Season 8!

Lex is recovering with Lana at his side. She tells him he was brave to survive, or something to that line. He replies: 'I have too much to live for!'

So now not only is Lex despondent and ready to become an evil man without Lana, per the Christmas episode, now she's his reason for living at all.
Neal Bailey on Smallville ("Fade")

[T]he canon is like the original author's home. They worked hard to build it and to get everything just how they like it. Other people admired it, and so, being generous, the authors invited the others over to enjoy it with them. Now, when you visit someone else's home, isn't it polite to leave everything as it is and to follow the house rules? Of course it is. Anyone would say so. But not Mary Sue. She doesn't take her shoes off when she comes in and tracks glitter mud all over the carpet. She doesn't like the fact that the table is in the dining room, so she drags it into the attic. She doesn't like the color of the bedspread, so she tie-dyes it. She doesn't think the basil should be next to the thyme, so she pulls up the garden. All the while claiming to love the house and everything in it (except that nasty basil, who obviously isn't nearly good enough for the thyme).
PPC Wiki excerpt, "Mary Sue"

(...) Jaune isn't even the main character, he's stealing the main character spot from the titular Team RWBY, and by doing so usually ends up turning the girls into his glorified cheerleaders while he effortlessly saves the day with his BS overpowered superpowers,
Reddit post about Coeur Al'Aran's works.

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