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Lesser Gods is a podcast first published on October 12, 2016. It is set in a dystopian future where humanity is unable to reproduce. The story centers around the five members of humanity's final generation. They are under constant monitoring by society and the government, and are celebrities in their world.

Lesser Gods contains examples of:

Artifact Alias: Triton continues to go by Clark once his real name is revealed.


Blame Game: Everyone begins to suspect and occasionally outright blame each other for the murder of Iris.

Brief Accent Imitation: Whenever anyone besides Clark is voicing him, they take on a British accent.

Cool People Rebel Against Authority: Rhea is an exact example of this.

Depending on the Writer: A form of this is shown as different narrators voice the characters differently, and will occasionally give them slightly different characterizations.

Do Not Call Me "Paul": Clark hates being called by his real name, Triton.

Embarrassing First Name: Clark is embarrassed that his real name is Triton

Only Knownby Their Nickname: 'Clark' is actually named Triton, but until the end of the series, Rhea only knows him as Clark.

The Reveal:

  • In the eleventh episode, the killer is revealed to be Apollo.
  • It is revealed that the members of The Void are the mothers of the final generation.

Successful Sibling Syndrome: Rhea feels overshadowed by Hera's popularity, beauty, and fame.

Theme Naming: Each generation has a different theme of names, with the final two generations being named after Greek gods and goddesses

Villain with Good Publicity: Once it is revealed that Apollo is the killer, the others are forced to keep up appearances and act as if nothing is wrong, and the public still adores Apollo.

Waving Signs Around: The public does this outside of Persephone's house when they are told that Persephone and Apollo are having a baby.


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