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Nightmare Fuel / Tomb Raider: Legend

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  • The catastrophic events in the Peru flashback. Imagine watching all your friends being killed by something. Then imagine your best friend drowning right in front of you and you can't do anything to prevent that. Or imagine drowning and your best friend abandoning you. It's really hard to blame Amanda for her utter contempt and hate toward Lara.
  • The numerous frozen scientists in Kazakhstan, and the history behind the failed Carbonek project.
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  • The England level, which takes place during a rainy night in a dark, abandoned museum. It is the only level in the game that emanates a sense of true isolation, and not even the game's infamous radio chatter breaks the mood. At first Lara and her friends don't think much about the museum, as it seems to be a tacky King Arthur exhibition; however, it soon becomes clear that there's more to the level than meets the eye. Soon, Lara breaks through a fake wall in a storeroom and finds herself confronted by deadly rotary spikes and burning oil...and things only escalate from there.
    Lara: This place is trying too hard. It's hiding something.
  • Near the end of England, Lara falls out of a waterfall into a large underground lake, a situation that parallels the end of the Tomb of Tihocan from the original. That alone should serve as a warning to the player.
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  • As you're swimming towards the tomb of King Arthur, you can hear an otherworldly-sounding noise echoing throughout the cavern. It becomes deadly quiet immediately afterwards. You don't see anything out of the ordinary and you've no idea what's making it, and as such, Nothing Is Scarier. As you exit the tomb, however, you do get to meet what probably caused the noise earlier : a gigantic sea serpent that promptly tries to eat you. No explanation is ever given about where it freaking comes from.
  • This concept art of the Peruvian monster.

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