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Trivia / Tomb Raider: Legend

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  • Background Music: This is the only game in the series to make extensive use of traditional background music. Previous games in the series relied on ambiences, only playing a few musical stings when a particular event occured. Angel of Darkness introduced background music to a few levels, but mostly kept it off. After Legend, Anniversary returned to the concept of ambiences punctuated by stings, and Underworld mixed the two together. The 2013 reboot does the same thing.
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  • Fan Nickname: The "Unknown Entity" that possesses Amanda in Peru is commonly known as "Fluffy'' in the fandom.
  • Promoted Fanboy: Karima Adebibe, the model hired for doing promotional stunts related with Legend. Unlike the rest of the models in the history of the franchise, she took the job due to being a long-lasting fan of the series, rather than just for the monetary gain. When asked about it in an interview years later she openly declared - with a visible Squee! - the whole deal the best modeling job she could imagine, since she was paid for what she wanted to do all by herself anyway. And she really put effort into playing her role during all the meetings, knowing a lot of trivia from throughout the entire franchise and even correcting gathered fans on more obscure details, while doing so in-character.
  • What Could Have Been: Early trailers showcased a variety of things that didn't make it into the final product. Examples include Lara being able to use a rocket launcher and doing backflips off of diagonal surfaces. The Tokyo level was originally meant to have a longer biking segment upon the rooftops which would culminate with Lara crashing the bike into a traditional Japanese garden. Lara was also shown visiting more locations, one of which was nearby a beach, possiby an early version of Croft Manor. The Nepal level had Mooks in different apparel and what looked to be a small camp.
    • Other minor changes include Lara originally having a Core-like braid. Also, in the flashback section of Peru, 2 early models of Lara resembling her look in Angel of Darkness are hidden under the ground, untextured.
    • The guidebook revealed there was supposed to be a motorcycle segment on a motorway in the England level, as Lara chases down Rutland's thugs who have kidnapped Zip and Alister. The segment was cut.


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