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Nightmare Fuel / Tokyo ESP

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  • Humans discriminating the espers vehemently, even though their powers have nothing to do with this.
    • Even the ES Pers aren't innocent, since there is a faction called the Esper Liberation Front that just calls for humans to be eliminated and replaced by them.
  • Rinka's No-Holds-Barred Beatdown in chapter 18, to the point that she ends up dying for a few minutes and her glowing fish leaves her body, depowering her after she regains consciousness.
  • The image we get of Claudia Kuroi in chapter 62. As Kozuki's grandmother, the matriarch of the family, admits, Claudia was the first member of the family to be a cutthroat. The reason Kozuki and Kobushi have blonde and red hair, respectively, despite being sisters? Claudia murdered both of their dads either during or after her pregnancy with their children. We see the bloodied, smashed corpse of Kozuki's father in chapter 62. Grandmother Kuroi's advice in regards to dealing with their mother? Run away.
    • Claudia Kuroi in general is a scary woman, and things tend to take dark turns whenever she's around.
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    • Notably, when she tortures her own daughter, she notices her chest hurts, likely from guilt...and she's moved. So she continues beating her daughter.

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