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Tear Jerker / Tokyo ESP

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  • The Tie-in Novel London ESP shows Minami actually loved Azuma. Not as a brother, but as a potential lover. And she was about to say it to him the day she had been nearly raped and told by the Professor she had to choose between revenge and peace. Alone in London, more than a year later, she can only see the choices she made as mistakes, and her scorn for Rinka and the world is killing her from the inside. Minami almost definitely hates herself, and she can't do anything to stop it because, after a life of sadness and getting tossed around by the rest of the world, she feels she can't trust anyone. And the one person who she felt she could trust, Azuma, is working with her greatest foe. It really puts her anger towards Rinka into perspective. Kozuki is even convinced she wants to die.
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  • Chapter 18. Rinka is brutally beaten by her mind-controlled classmates on live television, until she actually dies and her fish leaves her.
  • Chapter 19: Watching Rinka move around Homeless and losing everything.
  • Chapter 20: The fate of her father and how she goes around being bullied in the Esper detention facility.
  • Chapter 41: We see that despite helping to save the city, ESPers are still demonized and even Rinka isn't an exception.
  • Chapter 44: Rinka is told that she's responsible for the death of the first opponent she fought because she went too easy on him by knocking him out in a serious fight, and she ultimately has to become ruthless in order to save them. When she can't do that, her Enemy Within performs a Split Personality Take Over and blinds the guy, leading to her collapsing and wishing for Azuma to come help her.
    • Whenever she has a fight that she has to be absolutely brutal in, we see her room is trashed in the aftermath due to needing to take it out on something. Then she just sits on her bed in a comatose-like state.
  • Chapter 47: A couple who have ESP are separated in Hong Kong after running away to start a new life, with him having no choice but to fight while she ends up getting sold off. By the time we see her again two months later, she's covered in bruises and brought to witness his fight in the finals after being forced to hurt and kill other people.
    • Likewise, Rinka is forced to watch as she's being sold off to some sleazebag while being called out as nothing more than an obedient dog by one of the other fighters who idolized her believing she could change things. The other fighters who she's faced are terrified of her as well. She wants to do something about it, but can't afford to act just yet until the CIA can move during the finals two months later.
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  • Chapter 60 & 61: Ren is kidnapped and learns Zeusu has been lying to her the entire time while an esper takes over her best friend's body, the Yakuza get killed off entirely with their leader bleeding out to death, Rinka's father has suffered injuries so grevious he might never wake up, and her mother will likely be silenced and erased.
  • Chapter 70: Nene's fish leaves her body despite the Esp task force's healer doing his best for her injuries.
  • The Professor's last moments are sad, even for a terrible villain like him. He's nearly achieved his revenge, and knows he can rely on some outside agent like Rinka or Kobushi to finish off Claudia, the last remaining person who wronged him, but all he can think about is how Minami has grown to look like her mother and his wife. It took him this long to realize this because he was so blinded by revenge.
  • She may be a monster, but seeing Orisube reflect on her life as she fears she's about to die can only be met with tears. Sure, she was complicit in many crimes and did many horrible things, but she was raised that way since childhood. She never got a chance at happiness like Ren and her friends did, and any time it looked like she could, life would throw her another bad situation. At this point, being hunted like a dog, Orisube looks pitiable.
    • And she still dies. Despite Ren being willing to forgive everything, Orisube dies mere moments before Peggy gains her benediction. And she dies remembering how kind Ren was to her on the subway ride to the hospital.

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