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Nightmare Fuel / The Mighty Boosh

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A-Charlie come! A-Charlie come! A Bubblegum!

  • The Hitcher, the Crack Fox, Old Gregg, take your pick!
  • Charlie, the Hubba-Bubba nightmare!
  • The Moon, unholy emperor of Uncanny Valley. It... haunts my dreams.
    • "When...when you are the moon, you pretty much split people down the middle. Some go: awww, look at the moon up there with his creamy white face. He's all gentle. While others go: UGH! He's a vanilla rapist, get 'im away from my kids."
  • There is a terrifying moment in "Electro" when the Spirit of Jazz looks to the camera, and his pupils dilate.
  • The Crack Fox. There was a deleted scene (About one and a half minutes in) in which he sings a song about being "a fancy man" and having "a little foxy plan", presumably removed to prevent mass burnings of The Mighty Boosh DVDs.
  • Black Frost, good God.
  • Kodiak Jack trying to rape Vince. Howard leaving Vince with Jack was played for laughs, but the Attempted Rape scene was played as surprisingly serious for the nature of the show, and you could really feel the fear in Vince's voice and see it on his face. The camera giving Kodiak Jack a closeup as he came towards Vince especially gives the viewer a sense of claustrophobia and puts them in Vince's shoes

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