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Awesome / The Mighty Boosh

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  • Vince attempting to rescue Howard from the ape of death also counts
  • I'd also classify Eleanor with a gun and a cigarette holder shooting the Hitcher in the episode "Eels".
  • Rudi and Spider taking down the Betamax Bandit with the Power of Rock. "Feel the power of my Fusion Lick!"
  • Vince fighting off his would-be rapist with a hair straightener in "Call of the Yeti".
  • The entire climax of the live show. After the Hitcher has murdered the entire main cast, Rudy van diSarzio emerges and has an absolutely epic sword fight with him. When Rudy wins, he uses the MacGuffin of the show to resurrect everybody. Vince Noir and Howard Moon then proceed to fly back onstage on wires while the Mighty Boosh theme tune triumphantly plays.
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  • Bob Fossil of all people pulling a Big Damn Heroes moment in the radio version of Hitcher. Granted, it was so his employees wouldn't be late to transport Tony the Prawn, but still
  • Dennis (the Head Shaman) in "Party" turned out to be very good with a sword.