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Nightmare Fuel / The Intruder II

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  • The prequel comic that shows Tom 4 facing off against the Intruder has it display a malevolent sentience as well as robot-controlling powers.
  • The revealed state of the Intruder in Episode 3: it has appeared to have assimilated TOM 1, using his body to adopt a bipedal form with arms and legs.
    Intruder: Just as your last body and consciousness became a part of me, changed me, your new body will do the same. And we will do such great things together, TOM.
  • Week 4 had the Intruder ripping SARA's core out.
    • SARA's last words are a distorted "I can't see anything..."
  • Over the course of the event, the bumpers begin to degrade, which progressively worse each week. By week 3, the Intruder has hijacked the other shows' control feed, causing everything to be tinted red and saturating the feed to the point of barely being able to see what's going on.
  • Week 5 has The Intruder assimilating TOM 4.
  • The worst thing about it? The fact that some people are turned on by TOM's arm being rendered useless in Week 4.
  • The Paranoia Fuel the restored SARA has: she has new code she doesn't recognise, and has no real idea how much of her is the original her and how much is the new code.


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