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Nightmare Fuel / Six Feet Under

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  • Realistic and disturbing "That's My Dog" is an entire episode of a terrifying carjacking. David picks up a "cute" hitchhiker who forces David at gunpoint to take out all his money at an ATM, beats and punches him, forces him to smoke crack, makes him suck the barrel of a gun, threatens to set him on fire after pouring gasoline on him, steals his van, and leaves him in the middle of nowhere, beaten half to death.
  • Lisa's decaying, partially shark-eaten corpse. Shown just for a brief moment, but it's a disturbing reminder of what happens to human bodies after death.
  • Many gruesome deaths that are depicted on screen:
    • A baker gets hacked into pieces by a huge dough machine.
    • One opening teaser scene featured a first person perspective of a three week-old infant lying in a crib. As the adoring parents leave the baby to sleep, the camera (serving as the baby's perspective) looks up at the roof into a rather creepy black and white baby's mobile. As the camera blurs and zooms, the shot fades to white.
    2001 - 2001
    • One man gets torn apart by an elevator.
    • One woman loses the top half of her head when she collides with a cherry picker after deciding she wanted to stick her head through the sunroof of the limo she was riding.
    • One woman bleeds to death through the nose.
    • A woman falls into a metal hand-iron which impales her eye.
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    • A woman is taking a bubble bath and gets electrocuted by a hairdryer her cat accidentally knocks into the tub.


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