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Nightmare Fuel / Slasher

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A good number of the murders are borderline disturbing, even for the series's usual Narm Charm standards...

Unmarked spoilers below!

The Executioner
  • The murders, and how they are executed. Although Fridge Logic kicks in when you realize the Executioner's victims are punished in a similar way to how sinners are punished in Hell.
    • Wrath. The punishment is being dismembered alive. Verna is tied to her bed and is dismembered for her wrath.
    • Gluttony. The punishment is being force-fed rats, snakes, and toads. Justin ingests cocaine laced with rat poison as punishment for his gluttonous desires.
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    • Envy. The punishment is being put in freezing water. Brenda's envy towards her best friend Sonja results in Brenda being held under freezing lake water by a cinder block.
    • Sloth. The punishment is being thrown into a snake pit. Trent's decision to leave Ariel on the street without helping her results in him falling into a snake pit while being chased by the Executioner.
    • Greed. The punishment is boiling alive in a pot of boiling oil. Alison's desires to use other people's pain for monetary gain results in her decapitation and her head searing in a restaurant's deep fryer.
    • Lust. The punishment is being smothered in fire and brimstone. Chief Vaughn's lustful actions towards Ariel results in him being burned alive in a crematorium.
    • Pride. The punishment is being broken on the wheel. Tom's pride results in him getting cut to ribbons by a saw blade, a device that resembles a breaking wheel.
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  • The ending has a sweet little girl frolicking about her new house. She finds a cat nearby... and cheerfully snaps its neck, returning to her oblivious parents with a satisfied demeanour.

Guilty Party

  • Megan's death through poisoning manages to be disturbing despite involving very little gore.
  • Renée's ruthless torture of Glenn is very graphic and disturbing.


  • Frank Dixon is decapitated and his head shoved onto the ornament of his car, and later on revealed that his phone was shoved into his head. This death kicks off the season with a strong start, as well as an indicator of things to come for the other victims.
  • Cassidy has her face dunked into acid to the point where her face is unrecognizable and then left at the top of the school bathroom's ventilation shafts to rot.
  • Xander has his head bashed in, then a glass measuring cylinder shoved into his mouth, hot water poured down his throat and then his blood is turned into coffee.
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  • Amy's death, with having a drill shoved into her head.
  • Joe and Violet's deaths consist of the Druid stabbing Joe repeatedly in the groin and then stabbing Violet's head. On camera.
  • Both Detective Pujit and Roberta's deaths: The Druid shoves Puijit's face into a broken blender and lets it destroy his face and Roberta is attacked from behind with an axe and when she finally sees it's Connor who's the Druid, he proceeds to repeatedly smash her face in with the axe. By the time he's done, it's a mushed mess.
  • Jen murdering Amber, who's basically her and Conner's surrogate mother. Jen, out of frustration at Amber's behaviour after Justine's death as well as blaming her for said death, she proceeds to repeatedly stab the hell out of Amber until she's dead. It's out of nowhere and comes off as very chilling considering the most "normal" death of the series.
  • It could be also noted that this season of Slasher could be the goriest in the series! Not for the weak of stomach.

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