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Nightmare Fuel / Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Chronicles

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Bugs can smell human blood from a kilometer away, through skin, through suits, through steel. They feel no pain and they have no emotions. Their only desire is to kill you.

  • The first appearance of the Hopper Bugs. Just looking at the sheer size of the swarm only emphasizes just how severely outnumbered humanity is. Higgin's line at the end of the episode is chilling.
    Higgins: As it turn out, the airborne had not been eliminated. Not even close and nobody had an idea where the reinforcements are coming from. If we didn't find the source soon, winning this bug war wasn't just a long shot, it was basically impossible.

  • Just as when they thought they had the war done and done, a whole new "ballgame" just opened up. The Arachnid horde aren't natives to Pluto, they're from somewhere, deep within outer space. As the Roughnecks put it; They weren't dealing with an infestation, this was an invasion.

  • The Brain Bugs are the "Generals" of the Bug army. And if they want to know more about us, they have their soldiers capture you and take you to one of them. There, it pulls out its proboscis and stabs you right onto your head to extract the information it needs.
    • When Rico gets caught, he discovers in horror the number of cracked helmets that piled up on the ground besides the Brain Bug.

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  • The Skinnies' enslavement by the Control Bugs. Not only they are forced to mined their own resources for their enemy, they had to do the task while deprived of sunlight, their most vital necessity. Without it, they're dead.

  • The fate of those Seal Sharks. They get cocooned and sent to the nursery home where a breed of bug comes up to them and extracts their vital genetic material which they can use to breed new weaponized bugs.

  • When Rico has seemingly gone insane, SICON decides he is unfit for duty and has him go through a procedure that will wipes his personality and memories in order to fix the problem. Once Razak hears of this, he is absolutely furious.

  • The Roughnecks thought they were stranded on a dead asteroid with Bugs but it turns out the asteroid is also a Bug. And where was this thing heading? Earth.

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  • The Impostor Bugs are Lightning Bruisers. They are so deadly that one of the cuts down two CHASs without losing its momentum in chasing down Higgins.

  • The first episode of the "Homefront Campaign" ends with a bittersweet ending; The Roughnecks are able to save North Dakota but SICON was unable to prevent the Bugs from conquering the Eiffel Tower, White House and 15 other places. Nothing Is the Same Anymore. The Bugs are in our back yard.

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