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Nightmare Fuel / Rabbit Ears Productions

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BEWARE of the Headless Horseman!

For a company that is all about retelling famous children’s classics, there are many scary and disturbing moments in these stories due to the fact that most of these retellings are actually faithful to the original source materials.

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     Storybook Classics 

  • The Legend of Sleepy Hollow (1988)

    • The scene where the Headless Horseman is chasing Ichabod Crane throughout the woods at night and it is implied at the end of the story that the Headless Horseman had spirited Ichabod Crane away from the world of the living.
      • There was also a scene early on where the men at the Van Tassels’ party were telling ghost stories, including one story where a woman was wandering alone in a snow storm and she ended up freezing to death in a cave.

  • The Three Little Pigs (1989)

    • When the Wolf eats the first two little pigs and even though we don’t really see the pigs get eaten, the scene is still unsettling.
    • Also, the scene where the Third Little Pig, boils the Wolf alive and then eats him might be disturbing as well, although the Wolf did deserve it.

  • Red Riding Hood (1990) When the Wolf dresses up as Little Red Riding Hood’s grandmother (and this was after he ate the grandmother) and actually succeeded in eating Red Riding Hood. What makes this scene really scary was how Meg Ryan’s voice acting sounded so menacingly frightful, especially when she screams out '''“THE BETTER TO EAT YOU WITH!”'''

  • Brer Rabbit and the Wonderful Tar Baby (1990)

    • Has the scene where Brer Fox is threatening to eat Brer Rabbit and the ways that he describes about how he is going to kill him such as throwing him into the river to drown him or skinning him alive is pretty disturbing.

  • The Emperor and the Nightingale (1987) The scene where Death visits the Emperor as the Emperor lies dying in his bed. The worst part of this whole scene is that the Emperor was begging for the mechanical bird to sing in order to drive off Death, but the mechanical bird wouldn’t sing.

  • The Fisherman and his Wife (1989)

    • The whole story has a bit of a somber and creepy atmosphere due to the fact that the imagery might be a little creepy, especially since the characters are mainly shown in black silhouettes.
    • The scene where the Fisherman has to go back to the ocean and a huge storm is brewing, blowing down houses and trees is a bit disturbing, especially with some scenes having lightning flash across the screen so suddenly.

     We All Have Tales 

  • The Fool and the Flying Ship (1991)

    • The imagery in this story is a tad creepy due to the characters being drawn in some pretty distorted ways, including the Eater whose head is split in the middle and the Sharpshooter whose eyes seem to pop out of his head.
    • The scene where the Puffer transforms into a more muscular version of himself is filled with some creepy imagery, such as having a brief Nightmare Face.

  • Rumpelstiltskin (1991)

    • The fact that Rumpelstiltskin wants to take away the queen’s baby would cause enough Adult Fear for any parent.
    • The scene where Rumpelstiltskin is dancing around a fire and then he suddenly pulls off his mask to reveal a skeleton face.

  • East of the Sun West of the Moon (1991)

    • When the girl meets up with the North Wind and all you see are dark spirals filling up the screen as it looks like the North Wind is swallowing up the girl. It doesn’t help that the North Wind acts pretty threatening in this scene.
    • When the girl has to confront the Troll Queen to save the White Bear and the scene is played up pretty horrifically since all we’ve seen of the Troll Queen is her large mouth and large shadowy appearance.


     American Heroes and Legends 

  • Brer Rabbit and Boss Lion: The scenes where Boss Lion is threatening the villagers of Brer Village by eating them up.


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