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Nightmare Fuel / The Raccoons

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Run (away) with us...

  • Stuff like this is especially prevalent in some of the earlier episodes, particularly during the scenes at the top of the Evergreen Mountain in "Going It Alone" and the haunted house in "A Night To Remember".
  • "The Evergreen Election" ends with an unnerving extreme closeup of Cyril's angry, slightly bloodshot eyes glaring at the Pigs (and by extension, the viewer), as seen in the page image.
    • Lost Star does this a lot too, where Cyril's pupils change into whatever he's obsessing on (the star, the planet Earth). In the scene where he interrogates the heroes, his pupils are encircled by "crazed" ripples...especially when he finally gets the star.
    • Actually, specials Cyril in general can be this. He is verbally — and physically! — abusive towards his employees, Cedric, and Snag, who is often victim to a stiff kick.
  • There are several instances in this series where characters nearly die through asphyxiation:
    • In "The Great Escape!" Bert accidentally falls into Tromboni's water tank at the Blue Spruce Cafe. As Bert falls in, he gets trapped in an upside-down position, as the tank automatically starts filling up with water. No one is with him but Broo, who is unable to rescue Bert directly while he screams for help. Only by running outside and barking at Tromboni and Schaeffer is Broo able to get their attention. Tromboni gets back to the tank and smashes it open with a mallet, likely seconds before Bert would've drowned.
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    • In "Easy Money!", Bentley and the pigs get trapped inside a chamber within the Endless Echo Caverns that's gradually filling up with water. Had the other characters not figured out where they were and been able to rescue them, Bentley and the pigs would've drowned.
    • In "The Wrong Stuff!" Broo unknowingly gets himself sealed inside the access hatch of Cyril's satellite, just minutes before it's about to be launched into space. Only by checking a surveillance monitor do the other characters even realize where Broo is. However, Cyril's crew is unable to cancel the launch at this point, meaning that Cedric, Bert and Bentley are left with no choice but to run out to the rocket's access platform and rescue Broo from the satellite before the rocket launches. They manage to get Broo out of the satellite, with less than a minute left before blastoff, but at this point the access platform begins to move away from the rocket. Bert, Bentley and Broo have to jump for their lives to reach the platform. Cedric, who's scared to make the jump, just stands inside the rocket for a moment as the door starts to close on him, before jumping to the platform, which he barely reaches. The four of them get down from the platform and run away from the rocket mere seconds before the exhaust from the blastoff would've fried them.
      • What's really scary about all this is that Broo knew he was trapped, but had no idea just how close he came to being launched into space and suffocating.
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  • In "Cold Feet!" Cedric hits the back of his head on the stabilizer of the airplane while skydiving and gets knocked unconscious. Had Bert not gone after Cedric and opened his parachute, Cedric would've plummeted to his death, as he didn't regain consciousness until reaching the ground.
  • Cyril passing out in "Go for Gold!" One minute he's talking on the phone like normal. The next he's face down on his desk, phone still in hand, completely motionless.
  • The Christmas Raccoons : In the kids' dream sequence, an Old Man Winter face is "hidden" amongst the icicles. As the scene does a zoomout from the silhouette's eye/forehead area, it's not like the animators DIDN'T want you to notice (Seen at about 2:35 - )
  • Lost Star has two "hidden Cyrils" : the planet the Sneers and Raccoons live on has continents shaped like an evil-looking silhouette of Cyril's head. When his mountain hideout explodes, a fiery smoke cloud takes the form of Cyril's head too, and looks particularly demonic.
  • Lisa’s nightmare in "Join the Club!". The creepy voice whispering “tobaaaaaaacco”, the badger turning into a hooded Death figure, and so on.
  • The haunted house scene in "A Night to Remember".
  • "The Phantom of Sneer Mansion!".
  • The scene with “the Grim” in "Going It Alone!".
  • The creepy forest scene in "The Runaways!". (Though that’s even scarier because it’s a B plot starring Julie and Tommy, BA DUM DUM)
  • Cedric’s nightmare about Bonneville in "Bully for You!"