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Nightmare Fuel / Maus

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It's about the Holocaust. What do you expect?

  • At Auschwitz, when the bodies were pulled out of the gas chambers, they were pushed into ditches and set on fire. Not all of them were dead. The fires were kept burning longer by recycling the burnt fat of the victims...
  • The four hanged women. There's a scene in the present that's drawn as if they're hanging there, a sort of flashback.
  • The comic Art makes about his mother's suicide is this mixed with Tear Jerker.
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  • The cargo trains people were packed into with no food, water or facilities for days on end.
  • The countless times Vladek tells of someone who he knew, was friends with, had a plan, etc and after they parted ways they were never seen again.
  • The illustration of the burning mice that opens chapter two, book two. Nightmare Face at its finest.

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