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Nightmare Fuel / I Am a Hero

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A bizarre Zombie Apocalypse story set in Japan during the end of the world as we know it, I Am a Hero can leave you feeling deeply unnerved or a little ill at times.

  • The first zombie that Hideo sees, a woman hit by a car, walks away from the accident with her spine badly broken. She looks like she's been folded in half by the impact.
  • Zombified Tetsuko is shown in full color on several pages, her Tainted Veins and terrifying eyes standing out against her pale skin. The fact that she was on her period and is now dressed in her underwear and doing a jerky upside down crawl really doesn't help matters.
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  • The Undead Child seen eating what appears to be its mother's flesh, still calling out for her, as Hideo flees Nerima is a mixture between this and a Tear Jerker.
  • The appearance of some of the ZQN. This entire page could be filled just with descriptions of the more hideous zombies, but special mention goes to the cook with splinters of wood sticking out of his eyes, the pregnant zombie dragged along by her half born baby after her head is blown off, and the zombies who reflect the beginning stages of Flesh Golem construction, looking like two or more people just smashed together.
  • The fate that a young girl In Pisa, Italy nearly suffers. The orchestrators of the Zombie Apocalypse need human women as "queens" to birth their offspring, and she would have been one of them had she not been rescued.
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  • The zombie babies at Mt. Fuji are absolutely terrifying to look at. They're also incredibly dangerous.
  • Iura's death. While it's just absurd enough to be funny in a way, it's also terrifying. He's half aware of what's happening, but delirious enough to rip off his own penis while very aggressively masturbating.
  • The Hives, enormous monstrosities made up of thousands of ZQN stuck together in a way that stretches the Flesh Golem trope to its limit.
  • A low key example, but when Hiromi points Hideo's shotgun at Oda in subconscious anger and jealousy, the combination of her actions and expression work together to let you know that something is still deeply wrong with her.
  • Oda's death. Crushed in the back of a garbage truck with the zombie baby that bit her, while she turns into a frantic, disfigured monstrosity.

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