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Nightmare Fuel / G.I. Joe: Retaliation

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  • The prison that Snake-Eyes who is actually Storm Shadow in disguise is shipped off to. The warden is a Psychopathic Manchild, the prison itself is so far underground that it is technically international ground, making it immune to any nation's rules, and the method of containment is keeping them in semi-suspended animation, essentially putting them in a state of And I Must Scream. Even though the only other prisoners are Cobra Commander and Destro, nobody really deserves that kind of punishment.
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  • London, England getting destroyed by Cobra's latest superweapon. It doesn't just get swallowed up by a mushroom cloud. You can actually see each and every single building just jump up in the air and shatter. Take a look.
  • The very fact that Cobra Commander is a pretty good example of From Nobody to Nightmare. In the first movie, the Doctor, aka Rex Lewis, was a former friend of Duke's who was presumed dead in a bunker explosion. He survived (though not without severe burns) along with Doctor Mindbender and his research in nanotechnology, eventually coming under the service of Corrupt Corporate Executive James McCullen. By the end of the movie, McCullen's plans for the weaponized nanotech were failed, but the Doctor uses his nanotech against him, turning him into Destro. The Doctor takes the name of "Commander", but it isn't long before he's captured by the Joes. In this film, he not only is able to stage an elaborate escape plan involving Storm Shadow disguising himself and Firefly utilizing his destructive arsenal, but he gains an even more elaborate scheme involving seven tungsten rod satellites (the "Zeus" satellites), Zartan posing as President of the United States (established in the first movie's SequelHook), decimating most of the Joes, and forcing the nuclear nations to destroy their arsenals at a summit. After the latter is completed, Cobra Commander makes his move to do the above with cold swiftness before the Joes that survived his initial assault invade the summit, forcing the Commander to make a hasty retreat. His plan of destroying the other nations with the Zeus satellites may have been undone by Roadblock, but the long-term consequences of his secondary scheme are staggering.

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