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Batman Unveiled is a cancelled short superhero film, based on Batman characters created by DC Comics. It would have been directed by Caillou Pettis, and written by Pettis and Jade Robinson. The film would have starred Caillou Pettis as Bruce Wayne/Batman, Mackenzie Bruneau as The Joker, Jade Robinson as Harleen Quinzel/Harley Quinn, Tanner Johnson as Alfred Pennyworth, and Paytyn Medynski as an Arkham Asylum Receptionist.

A full year has past after the demise of The Joker, Gotham City has discovered strange Joker thug sightings around the city suggesting that The Joker is somehow still alive. Eventually, the residents find out that The Joker is still alive, and was in hiding with his girlfriend, Harley Quinn. Joker and Harley are making it their mission to kill Batman for revenge, and kill Bruce Wayne for his money, but little do they know that they are the same person. Joker and Harley vow to unveil the masked vigilante as soon as they catch him, and it is now up to Batman to stop Joker and Harley Quinn while protecting his identity.


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