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Nightmare Fuel / Full Metal Panic!

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  • Gray's death in the "The Wind Blows at Home" arc. Gauron, having just killed her last two squadmates (other than Sousuke), walks toward her casually and with impunity due to the protection from his Codarl's Lambda Driver. She uses up the last of her ammunition, then pulls out a knife. Gauron catches the knife, crushes her mech's hand, then grabs the knife and stabs it through the cockpit to kill her. When Sousuke gets there, he sees Gray's mech (with her still inside) impaled and pinned to a boulder in clear view next to the nuke the squad had been trying to protect, Gauron having arranged them like that specifically to taunt him.
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  • Gauron actually wanted to kill Sousuke when he was eleven and canonically wanted to rape his dead body. It also gets even creepier when one realizes that their countless encounters are most likely not entirely coincidence... and that Gauron is heavily implied to be stalking him, actively choosing missions / jobs that would put him in a position to see his "precious boy."
  • A hostage rescue plan goes awry, all because of a double agent in the ranks of Mithril. That and the takeover of the TDD-1 because of the same reason.
  • Kaname's life in Japan was as good as over when Amalgam moved in on her and Sousuke with enemy agents ready to mow her down in case they can't get to her. And she feels responsible for civilians getting caught in the crossfire.
    Kaname: Innocent people are getting caught up in this!
    Sousuke: There's nothing we can do about it.
    • At one point, a civilian gets wounded in the leg when Sousuke uses a frag grenade to take out one of Leonard's Alastors chasing after Kaname.

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