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Tear Jerker / Full Metal Panic!

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  • Tessa does her roll call after the attack on Tuatha de Danaan.
    Tessa: Lieutenant William Goddard.
    Goddard: Here.
    Tessa: Junior Lieutenant Bob Rily.
    Rily: Here.
    Tessa: Second Lieutenant Stuart Argyle.
    Argyle: Here.
    Tessa: Lieutenant Gale Mc'Allen.
    Mardukas: ...He's out on patrol, Captain.
  • Also Tessa sending off the coffins of her subordinates to be buried back in their home countries.
  • In "The Second Raid", Sousuke's reaction to Kaname's (supposed) death.
    • How deep it runs through him too - a piece of glass from the nearby burning building flies toward him. Not only does he not sense it coming toward him, or move to avoid it, but he doesn't even react when it slices his cheek. Sousuke.
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    • Also in TSR, Tessa's emotive rant over being the odd one out in the Sousake/Kaname Love Triangle.
    "Do you understand my feelings, even a little bit? You're the worst! You pretend to be kind and friendly, but you're just an egotist! You're always pretending... Why don't you just admit it? I want to be with her! Don't stand in my way!"
  • Nami's death. Kurama holds Nami hostage and begins counting down as Sousuke weighs his options as to whether or not he should stay hidden. Right when Sousuke figures he should just come out, as he's massively outgunned by the local police — all of whom are working with Amalgam — Kurama decides to stop counting, lets go of Nami... and unloads multiple bullets into her. Made worse later when Lemon and Nami's mechanic crew find her body, covered in her own blood from laying face down in a pool of it, and the crew berates Sousuke in anger for letting Nami die.
  • Towards the very ends, when Sousuke is trapped on Merida island with absolutely no way to escape and a nuclear missile is on its way. He ends up watching a video of his classmates asking him and Chidori to hurry back to them. It makes him curl up in a ball and break down crying because he doesn't want to die.

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