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Nightmare Fuel / Flash Gordon (1980)

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  • For as campy and entertaining as it is, the Memory Eraser scene is surprisingly intense.
  • Some of the Aliens and Monsters (and their strange clothes) could qualify.
  • The scene with the Wood Beast is genuinely tense, especially after Barin performs a Mercy Kill on a young man (barely out of teenage) after he's bitten.
  • Klytus' death, complete with bulging eyes and tongue shown on the right.
  • Barin grabs a visor off of a mook, realizing too late that the thing is wired directly into the poor guy's brain via his eye sockets. Cue the mook's agonized death cry and Barin's Squick reaction.
  • The bore worms. They're never shown on screen; all we get is Aura's panic when Ming orders Klytus to use them on her. But that, combined with the name BORE WORMS suggests something outrageously nasty.


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