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Heartwarming / Flash Gordon (1980)

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  • Prince Barin's "Where you go, I follow."
  • Zarkov explaining to Dale that he never got brainwashed due to focusing on human songs and thoughts.
    Zarkov: As I was going under, I started to recite Shakespeare, The Talmud, the formulas of Einstein, anything I could remember, even a song from The Beatles. It armored me, girl. They couldn't wipe those things away. You can't beat the human spirit.
  • After Aura's torture, she's sent to Dale's chamber, where Dale's being prepared for her forced wedding to Ming. Aura explains that she's not on Ming's side anymore after being tortured, and Dale reconciles with her. The following line is rather moving when you remember how, when she saw Dale crying at Flash's execution, Aura didn't even know what tears were.
    Aura: "Is this a trick? Could tears come from my eyes if my heart had not changed?"
  • Watching Barin and Aura reconcile and tease each other after Aura frees him and Zarkov from imprisonment.
  • The Hawkmen skywriting "THANKS FLASH" with their bodies. Dawwwwww...
  • After the battles over and Ming's dead, Vultan seems more than happy to point out that Barin is the rightful heir to throne of Mongo, this despite the fact that Vultan and the prince loathed each other before for years.