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Nightmare Fuel / Degrassi: The Next Generation

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This teen drama can get pretty scary at times.

  • Craig's dad was... quite frankly terrifying.
  • Paige being raped.
  • Emma's real father. He was a sympathetic character, but he was disturbingly realistic. Confined to a group home for special needs individuals, his actions due to his brain damage following Emma seeking him out were both terrifying and heartbreaking.
  • Rick Murray, when he snaps. Both when he was abusing Terri and when he brings a gun to school.
  • Rick shooting Jimmy.
  • The end of the first part of season 4's "Voices Carry" has a very angry Craig absolutely trashing his and Ashley's hotel room after she turned down his marriage proposal with episode ending on a close up of his face in a still in a state of enragement. Part 2 also has him freaking out and beating up poor Joey when he tries to calm him down and shows him punching the guy, from first-person perspective as a horrified Caitlin and Angie cry at him to stop.
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  • Season 6's "Eyes Without A Face". All of it. Darcy posting risque photos of herself online leads to one "fan" finding out her home address.
  • In Season 7, Darcy, after realizing she was drugged and raped by a stranger, bleeding in the shower (pictured) , then looking up with that lifeless, Uncanny Valley face and limp neck.
  • JT's death. So much that Johnny Di Marco, regular Lakehurst bully, who was the only eyewitness to the attack, admits it traumatized him.
  • The scene in which coke-addicted Craig's nose starts profusely bleeding as he's on stage. Very unsettling ending.
    • Similarly Peter's spiral down when he becomes addicted to meth.
  • Alex's home life. Living in poverty with her mom and her mom's abusive boyfriend. In Season 6 when said boyfriend is arrested for credit card fraud putting them in debt, to avoid getting evicted Alex eventually resorts to stripping at a club. And when Alex makes enough money, her mom uses it to bail the boyfriend out of jail.
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  • Fiona being physically abused by her boyfriend. Because he's from a prestigious family and she had been cited as previously crazy and attention seeking in the public eye, she doesn't feel she can tell anyone.
  • The last minute of "Jesus, Etc. 2", with Eli showing increasingly possessive behaviour towards Clare, is all kinds of creepy.
  • Cam throwing himself off the balcony to get out of playing hockey in "Rusty Cage." He ends up with a broken arm.
  • What happens to Imogen's dog in season 12's "Never Ever", not to mention her father blanking on his memory of his own daughter. And all this because of dementia. Didn't know Stephen King was a Degrassi writer...
  • Eli's nightmares of finding Cam's body in "Ray of Light."
  • The video of Zoe being sexually assaulted in Unbelievable.
  • Maya's recurring nightmares during season 14
  • The end of Believe (pt 1) where Zoe has a very creepy nightmare regarding her sexual assault.
  • Spencer MacPherson's performance as Hunter in #SorryNotSorry from Season 1 of Next Class is truly chilling, especially when Hunter lashes out against his friends, trashes his room, and makes a list of the people he wants to hurt, before taking his father's gun to the school dance. It's only thanks to Miles' quick thinking that everyone turned out okay.
  • Maya's obsession with death in season 17 and her fascination with the way and how people die is just plain creepy, and her numb reaction to people calling her out on the seriousness of death doesn't help matters.
    • Furthermore, her Dissonant Serenity at the end of "#Woke" and most of "#ImSleep". She does what she can to make amends with her friends, she apologizes to her mom and sister, and the three girls even stay in and have a candy and movie night like they used to do. The penultimate episode of the season ends with her filling her guitar pick case with pills, and the next episode begins with her singing a song about "taking the last exit to freedom", which sounds like she found a way out, and not the good kind either......
    • Zig and Esme finding Maya on the roof after she overdoses on prescription drugs and pills, with Maya looking lifeless and dead while Zig absolutely panics. Even Esme nearly vomits at the sight of Maya's body. It is very hard not to watch it and feel terrible about the whole situation afterwards.
      • It doesn't help that Esme, in the heat of the moment and in response to Zig, implied that her mother died from the same type of drug overdose due to not calling 911 and trying to fix it on her own....
  • Esme's family history is one too. When she was 10 years old she found her mother dead from a drug overdose heavily implied to be a suicide, and her father blames Esme for it.
  • After a terrorist attack in Brussels, Goldi is attacked in #RollUpToTheClubLike by Islamaphobes who rip her hijab off. She's so terrified that she can't stop crying until long after she makes it home.
  • Esme's breakdown over the course of Next Class season 4, especially when she starts threatening to kill herself, thinking that will get Zig's attention away from Maya.


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