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  • JT's campaign for student president in "Family Politics" is full of these.
    JT: If elected I, JT Yorke, will do what a real politician would do: absolutely nothing. And, like a true politician, I will accept bribes.
  • Manny and Emma slowly and awkwardly walking through school with Manny holding a book over Emma's skirt to cover up her first period. Mostly it's a little traumatizing, but somehow they're still able to snark during it.
    Manny: We should celebrate!
    Emma: Celebrate what, exactly?
    Manny: Becoming a woman? You can get pregnant now.
    Emma: Oh great. Can we celebrate finding me a bathroom?
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  • In "Karma Chameleon", Spinner threatens to rip out Toby's bowel and eat it for breakfast if he breaks his sister Kendra's heart. After Spinner leaves:
    Kendra: Mess with me again and I'll rip out your bowel myself.
    Toby: *horrified shock*
    Kendra: Wanna go for ice cream later?
  • In "Take On Me," which is a Whole Plot Reference to The Breakfast Club, Raditch is one big CMOF.
  • Season 4's "Moonlight Desires" features Marco kissing Craig in an attempt to make Dylan jealous. Craig's face and response are hilarious.
  • In "Turned Out (2)", somebody pulls up to the school on an expensive motorbike blaring rock music and cool leather jacket. They take off their helmet to reveal...Snake? And everyone else in the school is as surprised.
    Manny: Looks like Snake shed his old skin.
    Emma: Don't make me think about his skin.
  • When Emma tells Manny she has a plan to cheer up Spike after Snake's affair.
    Manny: Let me guess. Male strippers, dropping it like it's hot? [starts dancing] Oh yeah! Oh yeah!
    Emma: Okay I think removing you from public is a good idea for us all.
    • And Manny keeps pushing it through the episode, until Caitlin ends up agreeing (to Emma's surprise).
  • When Holly J complains to Spinner about her father losing his money, he starts to list all of the horrible things he's been through ending with. "Do you have ball cancer? I did. And if I can get through all that, you can get through this." Can double as a Heartwarming Moment, as its the first time Holly J opens up to someone and they listen. Making it one of the first times Holly J is treated as human by someone else.
  • "I could do us up some fake IDs. Take you ladies on a pub crawl!"
  • Lost in Degrassi.
  • In one episode, several characters are at a movie theater, conversing during the trailers before the film starts; if you drown out what the characters are saying, you can hear one trailer start off as "...In a World... where Men are Men and Women are Women, One Eunuch holds the key to saving the earth..."
    • In the opening of season 4 they're in a drive-in seeing a movie that appears to be about a woman in a Mexican wrestling mask wielding a whip fighting zombies. Canada has some awesome super heroes apparently.
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  • J.T.'s "Supah Fly Fries" commercial. Paws of my fries, dawg!
  • When Anya and Holly J are at the outdoor Pizza restaurant, Anya knows that her crush, Dr. Dorian, is going to be there. When he arrives, Anya asks Holly J to pretend to choke for her, that way she can ask if there is a doctor there, hopefully getting Dr. Dorian to come over and "rescue" Holly J. Since Is There a Doctor in the House? is now pretty much a Discredited Trope and is now usually subverted in the way Anya plans, nothing really seems out of the ordinary; just your usual Degrassi romance hooplah. That is until the show decides to subvert an already subverted discredited trope by having there already be a doctor right behind them when Anya asks if there is a doctor there. Anya gives a befuddled look, and then loudly whispers "SIT!" to the other doctor so Dr. Dorian will be the one to come over.
  • Ellie drunkenly calling Caitlin Ryan a slut... during a live interview, no less.
  • After Riley consults a man on how to "cure" his homosexuality, he tells Fiona about it at school. Fiona responds negatively, and says something along the lines of "Riley, you can't cure being gay" to which Riley in turn Narm-a-rifically SHOUTS back with "TOO BAD YOU CAN'T CURE BITCH!"
    • Or in the same episode when Ms. Hassafrass tells him about the LGBT club, to which he replies, "What is that, a sandwich or something?"
  • Jane and Mia's (and Holly J, after she arrives) conversation in the library during "The Curse of Degrassi" special.
  • Holly J's rap during the mini 'If Jay can't be happy.'
  • The look on Anya's face when she says that Holly J may be her only straight friend.
  • Jake demonstrating how much he can eat. After shoveling a plate of food down, Clare's mother offers more:
    Mrs. Edwards: Dark or white meat?
    Jake: Both, please!
    • And not ten minutes later, he's downing some of Dave's nachos, prompting Clare to ask, "How are you still hungry?!"
  • "Are you high?" "Yes ma'am. Very!"
  • Alli's card to Dave: "Pwease fowgive me? Come to my house later for a suwpwise! PS: not sex."
  • Eli and Fiona. The Locker Roll Scene. You know it. Doubles as a Heartwarming Moment for their friendship, as well as being unbelievably Adorkable.
  • When Jake and Clare find out Glen and Helen are dating. Their reactions are priceless.
  • "More bread?"
  • What do you get when you combine a slow chat system, txt spk, a young sarcastic actor, and a Fan Dumb that is Sarcasm-Blind? This.
  • Bianca taunting her terrified friends up at Jake's cabin:*
    "The killer wants a virgin! Katie, Clare, sacrifice yourselves!"
  • Adam's commenting on his mom taking Bianca under her wing and her reaction:
    Adam: Aw, look at that mom. You finally got the daughter you always wanted.
    Mrs. Torres: *unamused* So not funny.
    Adam: Actually, I think it is.
    Mrs. Torres: Okay, let's go for dessert. Adam's treat!
    Adam: Uh, wait, I don't actually have enough money!
  • Manny's reaction to Holly J being Heather Sinclair's sister
    Manny: Holly J Sinclair? As in Heather Sinclair?
    Holly J: She's my sister
    Holly J: *proudly* Taught me everything she knows *drops a brownie in Mia's soup*
  • The mini episode Queen Bee, where Paige and Holly J compete for who's the biggest Alpha Bitch. Culminates in Holly J revealing Heather Sinclair is her sister. Paige turns around, shocked, cue Oh, Crap! reaction from Marco and Ellie
    Paige: She's the devil's spawn!
  • A hippie store clerk who Drew just saved from being robbed is fawning over him. Bianca will have none of it.
    "Beat it, hipster!"
    • Shortly after this, Bianca and Drew are having a tender moment; said hipster watches, before finally whispering, "Kiss!"
  • "Jake doesn't hear me cause I'm not a tomato, and Alli and Clare, where the heck did they go?"
  • #StuffClareSays.
  • So much to do with Eli's self-medicating to cope with...recent events. Specifically Mo and Jake's reaction to him being carried in the paint party, and his streaking the school and running straight into the principal - literally - with Simpson's now-I've-seen-it-all expression the frosting on the cake.
  • Season Two episode's, "Girls Just Want To Have Fun", with the dance contest that has Jimmy and Spinner competing against one another. Being an 80s-theme party, while Spinner decides to dress in sweats and breakdance, who does Jimmy decide to dress as? Michael Jackson, complete with the Thriller jacket, tight black pants, the single glove and a bad jheri curl wig. Even better, the composer of the episode decided to play a MJ-inspired instrumental during his strut down the hall, complete with his signature "Hoo!". Both boys end up sabotaging each other and when Jimmy stole Spinner's music forcing him to dance to ballroom music, Spinner stole Jimmy's dance clothes, which forced him to dance in his MJ outfit, causing his pants to split. In front of a huge, laughing crowd.
  • How about Hazel's bad singing from "Shout, part 2"? To say she sounded like a goat with a cold would be an insult to the goat (and also quite ironic, as Andrea Lewis has a beautiful singing voice and has recorded a few albums in real life.)
  • Marco and Craig breaking Jimmy out of the hospital in Season Four's "Secret."
    Marco: I thought it'd be cool to look like ninjas...
  • In "Against All Odds", Spinner becomes paranoid about the recently-outed Marco having a crush on him(because, you know, all gay men are attracted to every man they see and apparently no one, not even Marco, can resist Spinner.) Later in the episode, the two of them have a sleepover at Jimmy's house and the three of them end up watching a porno(!). Marco then reveals that in watching the tape that he wasn't watching the girl in the action going on between her and the guy she was with on-screen, leading to this hilarious response by Spinner:
    Spinner: Then what were you looking at?
    Jimmy: The drapes, Spin. The drapes.
    • The night gets even better when Spinner begins to choke on some popcorn and Marco tries to save him by giving him the Heimlich Maneuver. Not wanting to be "groped" by Marco, he gives him chase, but he finally catches up to him, performs the procedure (all the while Spin tries to get away from him) he spits up the food all over the floor as an annoyed Jimmy replies, "That's a new carpet, guys" moreso out of concern over his family's carpeting than his choking friend's life being saved.
  • Mo and Connor quoting Clare's rant at Eli from the beginning of season 11 to win a football match.
  • Most plots in the earlier seasons involving J.T. and Toby usually tend to be laugh-out-loud funny. A lot of it has to do with the two actors' chemistry with each other and the fact that they are two of the more realistic characters on the show, their constant causing of Mood Whiplash aside.
  • Anytime Jimmy, who is notorious for being the Only Sane Man in the group of friends, is absolutely bewildered by Spinner's idiocy, especially in the earlier seasons.
  • How has nobody put Jay & SIlent Bob Go Canadian, Eh? on this list?
  • Spinner's "half time show" in "Basketball Diaries"
  • Alli trying to tell her parents that she and Dave are dating.
    Alli: He's a boy, and he's a friend, and you put those words together you get...
    Mrs. Bhandari: *beat* He's your friend-boy?
    Alli: Really, mom?
    Mrs. Bhandari: *shrugs*
  • Maya trying to get Simpson to not put her in remedial classes, saying she accept extra homework, detention every day, or even do his filing. He looks almost tempted by the last one.
  • In a rare moment of Genre Savvy, Tristan and Zoe predict that Maya's plan to make Miles and Zig get along will end in disaster.
    Tristan: Let me tell you how this "plan" of yours is gonna go. Miles is gonna be all "Maya. I love you. Let's dance."
    Zoe: And Zig will be all broody like "Maya. I love you. Let's dance."
    Tristan: Yeah, and then Miles will slug Zig.
    Zoe: And Zig will probably have a knife and, like, stab Miles!
    Tristan: And Grace will go all crazy and she'll spike the punch with LSD!
    Zoe: And that weirdo Tiny will, like, burn the gym down!
    Tristan: And then the semi-formal will end with everyone dying in a fiery inferno!
    Maya: I think you guys are being a bit dramatic.
    Tristan: Are we Maya? Are we?
    • Later, when Maya suggests the plan to the Rubber Room kids, Grace and Tiny predict almost the same thing, right down to Tiny setting the gym on fire.
  • Late in Season 9, Anya hesitates to take the morning after pill.
    Anya: I'll barf a lot, for days.
    Sav: You know what barfs a lot? For months? A baby!
  • Tristan interrupts Zoë and Grace's hang out as they're sharing muffin , needing Zoë's advice, and this happens,
    Zoë, gesturing towards Grace: Kind of in the middle of something...
    Tristan: You can eat Grace's muffin later.
    Cue shot of mortified Zoë.
  • Yael forces herself into being the judge of Baaz, Hunter, and Vijay's literal dick-measuring contest, and Hunter convinces her to say that Baaz won so that his feelings don't get hurt. The result is Baaz running around Hunter's room chanting "USA! USA! USA!"
    • Also, before that, when Hunter tells Yael about their contest, after he said that he immediately puts on a cringe face as well as Baaz and Vijay. Yael starts laughing at the whole idea.
  • Though it's part of a serious scene since, Lola trying to figure out if she should feel guilty about her abortion still has some funny moments.
    Lola: Now I feel bad for not feeling sad. I've been looking at this photo [of a baby] all afternoon. I feel nothing! Except the desire to tweeze her unibrow.
  • When Anya and Sav decide to come clean about Anya lying about being pregnant, Anya changes her mind at the last minute, instead claiming, in the most monotonous, unconvincing tone, that she miscarried.
  • This one's behind the scenes, but funny nonetheless. Whenever Adamo is talking about his days on Degrassi, expect him to refer to Drake as 'Aubrey'.
  • When Grace, Zoe, and Rasha are discussing Grace potentially having sex with Jonah, Rasha asks Grace if she's ever done anything. Grace and Zoe share an awkward glance and Grace quickly dodges the question.
    • In the same scene, Rasha reminds Grace to protect safe sex, lest she suffer the consequences that can happen to "heteros such as [sic] yourself".
  • In a very Black Comedy way, Esme expecting that buying Zig a motorbike will make him forgive her abuse.
  • In a similar Black Comedy fashion, in Season One, Maya asks Zig what could possibly come between them as her song plays through her phone's speakers. Zig looks at Zoe in a moment of shared guilt and what lyric of Maya's song is playing as the camera pans to Zoe?
    Maya: (singing) Yes I will, I will, Yes I will.
  • Winston and Zoe are arguing over whether Rasha is straight or into girls, because they both like her. Winston insists that he knows she's straight because he has "great" gaydar, prompting Zoe to gleefully remind him that he dated Zoe herself for months and thought she was straight.


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