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This is the character sheet for Degrassi: The Next Generation. Characters are group by class and "tenure" on the show and main character/credit status (aside from some of the "top-billing" college kids who share a folder). This character list does contain unmarked spoilers for the entire series, so please tread lightly or not at all. The show's been on since 2001; most of these are Late Arrival Spoilers.


For simplicity's sake, we're grouping the cast by class and age group, due to the series being retconned in season 10 featuring the 2010-2011 school year, even though the last class to graduate was the class of 2008 in season 9. In 2016, the show changed its title to Degrassi: Next Class and Netflix splits each season by half into two Next Class seasons, but for consistency sake, we're using the original season numbering (Next Class seasons 1-2 are Season 15, Next Class seasons 3-4 are Season 16). To help keep your scorecards, each Class folder lists what season that class graduated in.

Due to page length, the page has been split by grade for the post-millennium series. If you came here from the Franchise/namespace looking for The '80s characters, find them here.

  • Season 5 GraduatesContents 
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  • Season 7 GraduatesContents 
  • Season 9 GraduatesContents 
  • Season 11 GraduatesContents 
  • Season 12 GraduatesContents 
  • Season 14 GraduatesContents 
  • Season 16 GraduatesContents 
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  • Final Grade 11 ClassContents 
  • Miscellaneous StudentsContents 
  • Miscellaneous Faculty and AdultsContents 

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