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Nightmare Fuel / DEAD Tube

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Look out behind you...

Being a manga about a website where people can post videos of torture and/or murder, DEAD Tube is bound to have heaps of Nightmare Fuel...

  • The whole concept, for starters. Imagine a website that would be a cross between Youtube and a Red Room. And the people who make the best videos get money from whatever twisted mind created and manages said website.
  • The first chapter has any horny guy’s worst nightmare come to life: having sex with an insanely attractive girl, only for her to out of nowhere brutally murder you in the midst of coitus.
  • Towards the end of the Film Director arc when when it is revealed that Mashiro is not dead and she appears behind Oushima. Her face, all covered in blood and rushing towards the reader makes for a very unsettling image.
  • The end of the Betsuki arc with it being barrage of extremely disturbing events and images. After being raped by several of her students, her insane side starts to kick in and pulls out a pistol and proceeds to kill all of them. She then proceeds to try to have sex with Machiya (and presumably kill him as well), only for Mashiro to take her gun and shoot her in the head at point-blank range. To top it all off the arc ends with Machiya, covered in blood and sporting a Slasher Smile staring creepily towards the reader.

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