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Machiya's sister will become a target of Dead tube
Only reason they bother introducing her.
  • That or she is a psycho herself, no one in this series seems to be what they appear to be at first.
    • Kana being a target is confirmed.George made her a target of DEAD Tube, forced her to kill her own father, and had her sexually assaulted all for the sake and purpose of breaking her and having Machiya film it.

Dead tube is government-sponsored
The only reason why crimes are able to be shifted to be "punishments" even if a witness is available to say otherwise.
  • Well it has to be something large and of equal power, DEAD Tube is of public knowledge yet some people see it as a normal video hosting website with no malice behind it, and they can manipulate crime scenes, media and law enforcement to protect the winners of a phase.

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