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Nightmare Fuel / Beware! The Blob

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The Blob is back!
  • In the original Blob movie, the Blob never ate an animal onscreen, so the kitten scene is awful. To explain to people, the kitten gets near the rather small Blob and the Blob grabs the cat. We never actually see it eat the cat, but the Blob drags it out the window. The worst part? The kitten is mewling as it gets pulled out.
  • The way that Chester and his wife, Mariane are enveloped and devoured by the Blob is much scarier than anything in the first film, and if anything nearer to the deaths in the remake.
    • Mariane steps outside looking for her cat Samuel, whom the Blob has already devoured, that's when she gets ambushed by the Blob, which grabs onto her leg and starts climbing up her body.
    • As Chester is getting ready to watch a movie, the Blob sneaks up from the back and crawls up his recliner, then it waits like a patient predator for Chester to obliviously sit down. By the time Lisa comes by for Bobby's present, she sees Chester being consumed by the Blob as seen in the page image above.
  • Some of the Blob's early victims are sure to make the audience question if they are actually safe where they are.
    • In a storm drain, there are two hippies that get found by a policeman. The Blob creeps up behind the policeman and latches onto him and devours him before presumably going after the hippies next.
    • At a hair salon, the Blob comes oozing out of a sink as the stylist is shampooing his client's hair. The hair stylist notices the Blob too late and lowers his client's head into the Blob-infested sink and the Blob grabs both of them.
    • At a man's house in the bathroom, a man is taking a bath with his dog. Then the Blob crawls in from under the door. The man throws his shoe at it to try to make it go away but it fails and his dog is caught while trying to get the shoe. Even though the man manages to get away by throwing his telephone at the window to break it and escape, this shows that wherever you go, you are not safe from the Blob, not even at your own home.
    • At a farm, it crawls into the chicken coop and starts feasting on the chickens inside, the crying of the chickens get noticed by three hobos. The first hobo, by the looks of it from his shadow with the Blob's, it actually shows him being engulfed by the Blob and struggling from inside the Blob. The other two come by and attempt to fight off the Blob by stabbing it with a pitchfork, but it doesn't work and they become the next victims.