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Manga / Roppu-kun

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Astro Boy! No, wait... Jetter Mars! No, wait...
Roppu-kun is a manga by Osamu Tezuka about Roppei, a fisherman’s son who discovers a toy robot at the bottom of the ocean named Roppu. Roppu laid discarded there by an alien child but now with Roppei's help is reactivated as has a child friend once more. Roppu is a powerful robot and can do many amazing things, but will only answer to Roppei and is still just a toy.

This series provides examples of:

  • Do-Anything Robot: Roppu is said to be able to create just about anything so long as Roppei commands it.
  • Human Aliens: Despite being the creation of an Alien society Roppu appears rather human-like.
  • Name From Another Species: Inverted with Roppu. An alien robot given a name by his new human friend, Roppei. His original name, if he has one, is unknown.
  • Robot Buddy: Roppu was made to be this for his original alien owner and became this again to Roppei once the boy dug him out from the ocean floor.


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