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Just a friendly and docile elephant

After a few years, our main character Jinguu Masato, returns home. Due to his nature, he loves animals and he also likes to visit them. Because of this, he loved to visit the zoo since he was small and that's how he developed a close relationship with the elephant Hanayo. However, Masato gradually starts to notice some strange incidents happening in the zoo and after that, he's thrown into this unexpected world...

Jinmen is a currently ongoing Horror Manga bu Katou Takahiro.


This manga carries examples of:

  • Beast with a Human Face: The animals within the series have an uncanny human face that adds to the horror of animals attacking humans and other animals without human faces
  • Dirty Coward: The protagonists encounter a police officer who survived an attack on the station by hiding and leaving his comrades to their deaths. Just when it seems like he's chosen to make amends for his actions, he tricks them into turning on the sirens in a broken down car while he rides away.
  • The Dog Bites Back: The M.O. of the titular Jinmen, who gained intelligence of what humans have done to them and want revenge.
  • Hope Spot: The manga seems to like pulling the rug out quite a bit.
    • Masato is able to recognize a deer jinman who even decides to calm down and stop attacking. Then the officer attacks it, with the jinman calling over its entire herd is response.
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    • Hayano charges over to Masato, seemingly to save him. Only to keep on charging without stopping for him, and when it seems like she's done, she promises he will die the next time they meet.
    • Helicopters are sent over to save those trapped by the Jinmen, and then quickly proceed to fall out of the sky.
  • Laser-Guided Karma: The police officer who betrayed the protagonists and tried to leave them to their deaths is shortly seen afterwards getting carried around after being mauled by mutant kangaroos.

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