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Actor Swap

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There are three main reasons why a show or film might end up having multiple actors play the same role. All these methods dovetail neatly with the Literary Agent Hypothesis, the conceit that to the characters, nothing has changed, because the actors are merely playing roles in stories that "actually happened."

  1. The original actor might have left, due to injury, contract dispute, illness, or even death. The most common way to handle this is to dispose of the old character in some way, and add a replacement. However, if the producers choose to not write out the original character, they will need to do an actor swap. Three ways to do this are:
  2. In some cases, an actor may be replaced in the middle of production. Obviously, it would be too confusing to have the same character be played by two different people in the same film/episode. That is, unless your name is Ed Wood. Therefore, this can only be handled by:
  3. Alternately, the character might need to be aged, or made younger, beyond the capacity of cosmetics to do convincingly. Again, an actor swap is needed. Two common examples are:
  4. The fourth reason of three are acting time limits for kid actors. In that case, a real life identical twin comes handy.