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Literature / The Visible Man

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The Visible Man is a 2011 novel by Chuck Klosterman about a man, referred to in the book only as Y_, who uses an invisibility suit to observe people when they're alone. The book is narrated by his therapist, Victoria Vick.


  • Insistent Terminology: Y_ insists on being referred to as "cloaked" rather than "invisible."
  • Insufferable Genius: Y_ and Victoria's husband, John.
  • Title Drop: "For you, any person who can't be seen is invisible. But there are invisible people in plain sight, Victoria. Most of the world is invisible. I wanted to see the visible man."
  • Unreliable Expositor: Y_.
  • Visible Invisibility: The cloaking suit refracts light around it, leaving a slight distortion that's only noticeable if you're looking for it and only visible when the wearer is motionless. However, it still leaves a shadow.
  • What You Are in the Dark: Y_ believes that people are most themselves when they're alone.