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Literature / The Light You Bring

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The Light You Bring is a short story by Joanna Berry, tying in with Star Wars: Squadrons.

Taking place shortly before the game's main rebel campaign, Vanguard Squadron pilots Keo Venzee and Frisk are sent to retrieve intel from Triad Station Daralto.

It can be read here on the official website.

Tropes in this story include:

  • Brick Joke:
    • Frisk wonders if Relkin is associated with the same Imperial governor that showed off one of Frisk's fake paintings to Thrawn.
    • Frisk is banned from playing sabaac in the wardroom, referencing a joke in the game where he asks Vanguard-5 to teach him to play sabaac, an obvious ploy for him to hustle you.
  • Have We Met?: Relkin recognizes one of the Vanguard pilots. Initially, Frisk thinks he's talking about him and that he must have worked for the Imperial governor he scammed, but then it turns out he lost to Keo in a race and he blames them for ruining his military career.
  • Prequel: The story takes place a little while before Javes and the future Vanguard-5 are assigned to the Temperance.
  • Title Drop:
    “Frisk, why were you picked for this mission? You were a perfect fit because of what you’ve done.” Keo patted his shoulder. “When there’s darkness, whatever light you bring into it is worthwhile—no matter where that spark began.”