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Feral: The Story of a Half-Orc is an ongoing original fantasy story that follows Char, a Half-Orc blacksmith and apprentice mage, through a world that hates his kind.

This work provides examples of:

  • Five-Man Band Strangely this is both played straight and averted. While Katya is the leader, the story is told from Char's point of view, and he is the one who gathers a team near the end of the first arc. That said, the set up can be seen as
  • Gadgeteer Genius Also our main protagonist
  • Half-Human Hybrid Our main protagonist. There is also an assassin who is apparently half-dwarf, and Januse, a beastman who suggest he is also a hybrid. Considering Hasha first met Char due to the formers studies of hybrids, it's possible there are dozens more, though it's unknown how prevalent they are.
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  • Magitek One of the main points of the story. In the world of Turab, where the story takes place, magic and science exist side by side. The author takes great pains to establish a relatively well-crafted blend, with the idea being that though magic exists in this world, it is still viewed from a scientific angle. Thus a wizard will use words like 'hypothesis' and 'radiation' along with words like 'elemental spirits' and 'healing potions' all with the logical mindset a modern day scientist would have.
  • Magnificent Bastard Jeremy, a man who has been manipulating things from behind the scenes for most of the story. While he only shows up in person once, his presence can still be felt for a while after that. Frankly, if it wasn't for the apparent stupidity of his employers, he may have had a chance at succeeding.
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  • Shock and Awe Char's short-lived dagger. Hasha (a wizard) and Arthur (a blacksmith) later make a similar sword for Katya
  • The Blacksmith Char and Arthur are both this, though Char shows shades of Ultimate Blacksmith . While Arthur is shown to be able to make a sword, he requires the help of Hasha to make it magical. Char, on the other hand, uses both magic from his world and blacksmithing techniques from ours to create armor of incredible power and durability.
  • The Chosen One Katya, a young woman who, from the moment we're introduced properly to her, is touted as being the future hero of the world. Except she isn't. The whole thing was a lie told to control the populace in the aftermath of a great plague.
  • The Prophesied Child Char mentions that the local faith has one, and that they will be debuting soon. Of course, Char is never going to meet them, and their heroic journey will in no way cross paths with Char's Her name is Katya, and she's our Deuteragonist

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