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Needs more pandas.

Tim Troppoli is a member of semi-popular gaming group ExtraLives, and is the unofficial leader of it. The group irregularly streams 72-hour marathons to raise money for Free the Children.

Tim herself also makes irregular streams, but not for as nearly a charitable reason as charity. No, she plays games to show how terrible they are and how badly she can mess things up. Her hijinks include playing hours of Farming Simulator, hacking a vehicle in said game to accelerate instantly into a void, playing old games that the only mention of are on Geocities, browsing Geoities, having 20 babies in Real Lives 2007 despite being gay and infertile, and playing Majora's Mask literally blind.

Tim commonly plays RollerCoaster Tycoon and The Oregon Trail, and has streamed the fastest Speed Run on the internet of the latter. At the end of her streams, she usually just starts browsing old websites, Twitter trending topics, and AOL. Her stream can be found here. Her YouTube channel, containing some of her stream recordings along with songs sung by Pumkin, can be here.


Tim provides examples of:

  • Creepy Monotone: You'd at least think this from her username. This can often be the case after being awake for 24+ hours.
  • Deadpan Snarker: At times, she will use sarcasm.
    "There is a roller coaster in the way of my roller coaster. How did that happen."
  • Guide Dang It!: She's inflicted this on herself quite a few times (Who reads manuals, anyways?), but one particular case of legitimate Guide Dang It! came up when she attempted to play Virtual Corporation and hit the unwinnable situation that appears right after the first save point in the game (You have to lower your stress, but the only methods available flat-out do not work). In the period of half an hour, the chat managed to get a hex editor into Tim's hands AND get the save game edited to where her stress was at zero, allowing her to continue past that point.
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  • Musical Episode: During a run of the Oregon Trail, Tim got the challenge to do all of the commentary to the tune of the background music when there was some.
  • Similarly Named Works: The two times Tim has played a bridge-building simulator, Twitch didn't have the name listed under its extensive game list. Instead, she opts for Bridge Deluxe with Omar Sharif. She's even made Omar Sharif basically her idol in the realm of building bridges. It turns out Omar Sharif plays the classic card game Bridge, he doesn't actually build bridges.
  • Video Game Cruelty Potential: Tim uses this all the time. Whether it's drowning thousands of theme park guests at once, not funding any schools or fire departments whatsoever and putting industry tax to 17%, or just hitting every car on the road, she's bound to do something villainous in every game she finds.