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Ho Yay / Lady Jewelpet

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  • The OP has Mizuki and Charon taking cream from Momona's face and licking it.
  • Predictably, Momona and her best frenemy and foil Lillian have a boatload of this.
    • The ED has a sequence where Lillian replaces Momona's Love Interest's position, flustering Momona in the process.
    • In episode 3, talking with Luea about her conversation with Momona, Lillian remarks "But what's this uncomfortable feeling? My heart is pounding."
    • Episode 8 features the two going to look for a flower that Lillian wants to give Cayenne. Lillian looks honestly moved when Momona saves her from falling off the cliff, saying that she's her friend. In the end, Lillian chooses to send the flower (A WHITE LILY!) to Momona as thanks while Cayenne gets zilch.
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    • Episode 21 has them agreeing to attend the Jewel Festival together; they even reject Miura and Romeo when they invite them. But they still agree to let the Princes escort them, so the Les Yay is mitigated here.
    • In episode 23, Momona remarks how similar and wonderful Cayenne and Lillian are with a dreamy look on her face. Ruby asks "You really, really, really love Cayenne and Lillian, don't you, Momona?", and then Momona says how much she'd like it if she could be transfered to the Royal Palace with Lillian (and no, she doesn't even think about Mizuki and Charon). Do you smell an OT3?
  • Ruby and Luea seem inordinately obsessed with each other at times.
    • Ruby loves it when she thinks Luea is praising her (she's not, but she's too daft to realize) and tries to snuggle up to her whenever she has an excuse to do so.
    • Luea seems fixated in specifically showing Ruby, whom she theoretically despises, that she is way better than her. Trying to impress her?
  • Mizuki and Charon. Mizuki in general is a magnet for this, with her tomboyish appeal drawing in lots of fangirls and even getting comments about what a great Prince she'd make.
    • Episode 18 has Mizuki and Charon practice "Ladies first", with Mizuki in the role of a Prince. She holds the door, shields Charon from traffic by hugging her and pulls back the chair for her. Throughout this, Charon is blushing like she has a fever.
    • Episode 21 has Charon wanting to go to the Jewel Festival (only couples can go) with Mizuki, and links arms with her (Momona does the same). Alas, this is rather minor as it's put aside when their respective Princes come to invite them.
  • Lady Diana's first act upon meeting Momona is to give her a big hug, with Momona looking flustered and Love Bubbles in the background.

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