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Boot and Claire's Mentors.
  • Boot's Mentor was Angela; I find that they fit each other because Boot is The Lad-ette and Angela seems to be the kind of Mentor that is too relaxed to care that their Petit Lady doesn't fit the mold. It also explains why Angela seems to be a permanent worker at the Jewel Palace; since Boot is in an important position in it, she could have pulled some strings to ensure that Angela wouldn't be out of a job when she couldn't find a new Petit Lady to mentor.
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  • Claire's could be either Flora or Topaz (the Mentors Luea is seen talking to in flashbacks); I'm leaning towards Topaz since it'd be a nice Mythology Gag for her to have mentored the current Lady Jewel, after, in Jewelpet Twinkle, mentoring the favourite to win the Jewel Star Grand Prix (Hilde). (If the writers hadn't decided at the last minute to present Rector's Mentor Larimar, I'd probably guess that Flora was hers.)
Momona's civilian outfit was actually her old school uniform.
  • The uniform of the school she was in before she was transferred to Jewel Palace.


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