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Heartwarming / Would I Lie to You?

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  • In series 3, episode 4, Lee introduced the "This Is My" guest as the juggler he hired to teach him because his 4-year-old son saw a juggler at a birthday party and said, "Daddy, I wish you could juggle." It was true.
  • During Ronnie Corbett's guest appearance, David Mitchell asked Ronnie if he knew Noel Edmonds. Rob Brydon proceeded to berate David for asking such a supposedly stupid question, and Ronnie gave David a hug.
    • From the same episode, Rob and Lee's utter delight in getting the opportunity to recreate the classic "four candles" sketch.
  • A particularly awkward episode had Janet Street-Porter becoming incensed with David's questioning (AKA the entire point of the game), causing her to stomp over to his side and start yelling at him. The heartwarming part was Davina McCall, who saw Janet coming and immediately placed a protective arm in front of David. It wasn't done for humor either; Davina's face clearly says that she's being serious.
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  • Mel Giedroyc's claim that she had snogged a panel member led to a hunt for who the other kisser had been - Josh hits upon a connection that David and Mel went to the same university, and David visibly readies himself to take on the burden of the other side of this story. When Mel rules him out, Rob coughs self-incriminatingly to indicate he was willing to help her out. Even though it was a truth, and a story on-the-fly wasn't needed by an uninvolved party, both guys' willingness to play the partner was quite nice.

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