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Quotes / Would I Lie to You?

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"Well, stranger things have happened, but I think only about six ever."
David Mitchell, on Omid Djalili's claim that he's launching his own range of condiments, including Omid Djalili Picalili

"We'd like to thank the creators of "Call My Bluff", for not suing us..."
Lee Mack, accepting the show's award for "Best Panel Show" at the British Comedy Awards

"The problem we have here is that not all of you are telling the truth."
Jack Dee in the "This Is My..." round of series 9, episode 7

David Mitchell: There's a bucket of [frogspawn] that I initially got from my parent's pond.
Lee Mack: A whole bucket full of frogspawn?
David Mitchell: A whole bucket full of frogspawn.
Lee Mack: No you didn't!
David Mitchell: Yes, I did... or did I?!
— Series 8, episode 8, in which the show is pretty much summed up.

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