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Despite being a show about people who are, quite literally, the worst cooks in the country, there are actually plenty of heartwarming moments. For example —

  • Some of the most common reasons that contestants have said why they were competing is to be able to cook for their friends and families—Kendra Wilkins and Jenni Farley (aka, "JWoww") from Season 7 explained that they both wanted to be able to cook for their spouses and children (and, to a certain extent in Kendra's case, impress her in-laws) and not have to constantly feed them takeout or processed foods, especially since Jenni's daughter (who was around a year old at the time) was starting to eat "real adult food."
  • Also, one of the final challenges (when both teams are down to two people) is for the contestants to cook for a family member or close friend of theirs. The contestants' joyous surprise at seeing their loved ones arriving on the set could only be this.
    • Season 3 — Recruit David's wife and Recruit Vinnie's oldest son came on to the show. David and his wife were so happy to see each other that they literally jumped into each other's arms.
    • Season 4 — Recruit Sue's son came on to the show—he had previously recoiled at his mom's cooking. However, the meal she had made was tagliatelle with burst grape tomatoes and bacon—her son enjoyed it so much that he could barely get his face out of the plate long enough to talk to Chef Anne about the food. Sue was practically in tears from watching him.
      • Adding onto this was the fact that he hated the other contestant's food. With his mom's dish, he asked Chef Anne if he could take it home with him.
  • The "Celebrity Editions" of the show, the celebrity contestants are not only competing to improve their cooking skills, but are also competing for a charity that's very special to them—the winners of the season gets $50,000 (the main prize), but the eliminated get a nice consolation prize in the form of $5,000 for their charities.
    • Season 7
      • JWoww was competing for a dog rescue (specifically one that puts dogs in no-kill animal shelters).
      • Kendra was competing for a children's charity that helps kids who come from abusive families.
      • Ellen was competing for a charity called "Autism Speaks."
      • Barry was competing for a Boys & Girls Club-charity in the Ozarks (he currently lives in Branson, Missouri).
      • Chris was competing for "Feeding America," which helps to end hunger in America.
      • Jaleel was competing for a charity that helps people who may have trouble affording going to college.
      • Dean was competing for a charity that helps people who're returning military veterans.
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    • Season 9
      • Loni Love was competing for the American Red Cross.
      • Nicole Sullivan was competing for a cat rescue (similar to the dog rescue that Jenni was competing for).
      • John Henson was competing for Casa Hogar, a children's charity in Mexico.
      • Mike Sorrentino was competing for St. Jude's Children's Hospital.
      • Matt Dallas was competing for Arizona’s Children Association, which is a foster care/adoption agency in Arizona—it's especially meaningful for Matt because he and his husband, Blue Hamilton, had adopted their son, Crow, through that same organization.
      • Mindy Cohn was competing for Heifer International, which is an international organization that empowers people (women especially) and helps families in rural communities by donating and gifting them livestock, not to eat, but to sustain themselves, and then usually create businesses for themselves within their communities.
      • Tommy Davidson was competing for the Down Syndrome Foundation of Orlando.
      • Barbara Eden was competing for PATH ("People Assisting the Homeless"), a charity that helps homeless people.
      • Kenya Moore was competing for Habitat for Humanity.

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