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Heartwarming / Wonder Girl

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For the Heartwarming page for the Wonder Woman franchise at large see Heartwarming/Wonder Woman.

  • In Warkiller, Diana realizes that Genocide has used her Emotion Bomb powers to poison Donna Troy's mind, causing her to fly into a delusional, Unstoppable Rage when in proximity to the Golden Lasso of Truth. Without hesitation, Diana tosses her Iconic Item into the sea.
    Diana: It is a glorious thing. But it is still a possession. You are my sister. And all the gifts from the gods that have ever been aren't worth a strand of your hair.
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  • Cassie (who has spent years having her once earnest caring character turned bland and apathetic in Teen Titans) can barely stand waiting at the embassy for Diana to return after her duel with Medusa. She runs out of patience with it finally and runs to find Diana despite the protests of all the adults and political figures there.

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