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Heartwarming / Welcome To Beacon

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The Beginning

Bonding at Beacon

  • Basically every time the students bond with each other.
  • Barry adopting Olivia. Doubly so, as he's batshit insane, and yet is kind enough to do that.

The Initiation

The First Day of School

  • Chelsea's small speech during lunch on the first day.
    Chelsea Violet: "We're Family."
  • After Jack and Remus's brawl, they immediately go back to being team mates.
    Jack: Glad to have you as a leader.
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  • Pius comforting Urujauni by Holding Hands with her for several hours. It's actually rather sweet, and also a total Ship Tease.

The New Weapon

  • Beth calling Francesca Jade "Mama," and Francesca adopting her.


  • Alice embracing her mother and father for the first time in years.

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