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Tear Jerker / Welcome To Beacon

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  • Alright, let's just start with compiling the characters' Dark And Troubled Pasts here:
    • Pius Ashen-Nobel: When he was seven, his family got caught in a car crash caused by Grimm. While first responders were able to get Pius out of the car, the car went up in flames before they could save his parents. Since then, Pius has devoted his life to killing Grimm, going from a sweet little kid who never even thought of becoming a Huntsman to a bitter youth whose only goal is to be the Huntsman that exterminates the last Grimm from existence to avenge his parents.
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  • Calypso's (unwarranted) "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Barry:
    Calypso: So that's what this is about. I should have guessed as much when I saw you back at your nest on the tower. I won't say I'm not flattered, Barry. Really, I am... but I'm also insulted. I may have thought you were crazy, but I could live with that. At least you weren't like the other humans I've met. Callous, entitled, willing to treat other people like they were nothing but objects to be bought, won, and bartered with... and then disposed of when they finally got in the way. I thought you were better than that. I guess that was a stupid dream, wasn't it?
  • Lovers' Day was not good to Pius. For context, he was trying to reach out to Urujauni and help her become more social and friendly to her teammates. In response, she leaves Beacon and Vale and is determined to never be seen again by her teammates. He spends the whole day searching for her, even until his legs give out underneath him from over-walking, believing that her departure was because of his attempts to reach out to her.
    • Insano takes the liberty of adding some notes as to how Pius will develop because of this event.
    • And when the news of Urujauni's disappearance arrived for everyone else, their reactions were the same as Pius. Medus and Ieria couldn't even really be all that welcoming to new guy Dex because of the news.
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  • During Operation Moonfall, Carol, whose body was under the control of Dr. Steiner, was forced to toss Lucas, the one she had a crush on, off the cliff. Fortunately he survived, but still...

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