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Heartwarming / The Good The Bad And The Spandex II

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Even though this setting has gotten more grimdark since kagescorpionakki took over, there have been a few fluffy moments.

  • Magpie shares a quiet moment with Yoko in one of her hideaways while eating dinner. Magpie gives Yoko tofu (a kitsune's Trademark Favorite Food) and chats with her amicably right after Yoko's evil alter ego Noboru just tried to kill her and Ryan.
  • When notified by the nephilim that Kyle is in danger, Goldrush, Wilma, and Setsuko all rush to his defense with no second thoughts.
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  • When Amethyst notices Kirstin needing help, he calms her down and calls a friend to take her somewhere safe.
  • When Wilma tries to turn herself in for starting the song in the cafeteria, the whole school pulls a I Am Spartacus moment.
  • After Wilma is wounded in the Dream Eater fight at the marketplace, Ranvald tries to take on the horde by himself, getting support from Wilma and her paper space-gun. After the fight ends, he carries her back to the library.
  • When Ryan blames himself for Matten's death and breaks down, Magpie, Jumping Bean, and Aileena are all there for him.
  • When Ranvald is challenged to face the hordes of Dream Eaters in the Dreamscape alone, Setsuko refuses this and stands with him in an act of solidarity.
  • Jumping Bean stays with Aileena after the latter berserks and starts summoning loads and loads of snakes in an apparent attempt to eat the world. JB manages to calm Aileena down and they go to visit the newly resurrected Matten.
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  • Matten's return from being Ret-Gone'd. Hugs all around!
  • Aileena calls Jumping Bean her niece. It's a small thing, but it's still sweet.
  • Wilma saves Alice from her Guilt after meeting her not even a few hours ago, striking a deal with her own Madness (which will make her fall to Madness faster). Her actions gain the Lurker's Squad another ally.
  • The Lurker's Squad appears to have become pretty tight-knit after meeting each other in the same day. Fire-Forged Friends, much?
  • Makquer'el and Shelly seem to be close friends—of course, Makquer'el saved Shelly's life, so that helps. He even lets Shelly sleep inside his shirt and does his best to make sure that he's not disturbed. Likewise, Shelly supports Makquer'el with his magic when they're in combat.

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