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Heartwarming / Tamrielic Adventures

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  • Dorian and Valentia's dance at the post-siege feast, and the compliment he pays her while she stumbles about trying to keep up. Especially poignant considering Valentia's inferiority complex and general insecurity. She went through the neglect of her parents and tried to compensate for her shortcomings by covering them up in underhanded ways; when she receives a truly genuine compliment, it clearly means a lot to her.
    "You... really think I'm pretty?"
    "No, you're certainly not pretty. I said you're beautiful, and I'm very selective about my words."
  • The entirety of the feast is a pretty endearing scene all-around, with most of the characters getting in meaningful interactions with the others.
    • Grelok and Eolwyn's dance is a welcome change of pace in their relationship, considering that most of their business together involved stabbing and shooting.
    • Niralie reaching out to Elethir and his grieving family was a very caring and empathetic thing to do, befitting Niralie's gentle nature.
    • Eolwyn and Nora singing their duet was also pretty sweet, even considering that they hadn't quite been fully introduced until a few hours prior.

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