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Tear Jerker / Tamrielic Adventures

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A list of Tear Jerker moments in the roleplay Tamrielic Adventures.

  • Per's death.
    Over the waves could be heard a desperate, gulping shout as Per was dragged underwater for the last time. As he struggled to get his head overwater, his life flashed before his eyes. Cold Skyrim winters, long patrols in Solitude. Tense battles though Ayleid ruins and sharing bonfires with his best friends. Doing his damndest to see justice served towards those that had hurt him. He caught a glimpse of a lifeboat far off, and a sort of contentedness fell over him. The frigid water was oddly comfortable. At least he would die on his ancestors' shores. And at least he was out of that Talos-forsaken boat. As his limbs stiffened and the air departed from his lungs, a faint smile passed over his lips. He would see his friends again in Sovngarde.

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