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This page contains the synopsis for the roleplay Tamrielic Adventures.

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Tamrielic Adventures 1

    Tamrielic Adventures 1 
A note appeared on a bulletin board in Cheydinhal, offering adventure, loot, and companionship. It had been posted there by Llevana Ther, a Dunmer, and many adventurers answered the invitation, including a few other Dunmer (Owen and Llela Ienith), a couple Bretons (Leowyn and Kent), and a Nord (Per).

Llevana, Llela, Owen, and Per headed to the Ayleid ruin, Nagastani, while Leowyn and Kent explored Belda, another Ayleid ruin. A Dunmer named Aythu, and also a character named Kind-Heart, were introduced. The two of them and Leowyn explored a dungeon filled while vampires, while the others made it through Nagastani, activated a nearby Doomstone, and returned to camp, where Aythu acted oddly.

Social interaction occured after this, including a scene where Llevana, Llela, and Per got drunk, Llevana confessed her love for Llela, and romance blossomed.

Miscellaneous minor adventures occured with minor characters, while Llevana, Llela, Per, Owen, and a Breton named Tisiphone raided Kemen. They discovered that Aythu had become a vampire, and Llela proposed that they find a cure for her. Someone offered to give them a cure in exchange for them killing a man, and they accepted. They met Gudrun - a seemingly cheerful young Nord woman who said she wanted to be an adventurer, and her companion, a Bosmer archer. Gudrun claimed to know where the man was, and led Llevana and Llela into an ambush - Gudrun was really an assassin hired to kill Llevana. Llela used a Scroll of Almsivi Intervention, which teleported them to the nearest Tribunal temple, which was in Morrowind.

While Llela and Llevana got settled in Morrowind, Gudrun tricked Per and Aythu into boarding a ship with her, and captured them, sailing toward Morrowind with the intent of using them to kill Llela and Llevana.


Tamrielic Adventures 2

The second forum thread picked up where the first one left off: with Llela and Llevana in Suran in Morrowind, and Gudrun and her prisoners Per and Aythu on their way after them. In the short introductory chapter, characters were introduced - most of them having breakfast at Desele's in Suran. Llela and Llevana discussed doing the old "looking for adventurers" thing like Llevana had done in Cyrodiil.

    Act 1 
While Gudrun's ship neared Suran's harbor, Suran came under what at first was thought to be an ash storm, but later turned out to be a horde of kagouti attacking the town. The adventurers killed the ones that had made it into the inn. Llevana was suspicious of Raylis, a Dunmer that had entered the inn just before the attack, thinking that he knew something about the attack, and the adventurers went to the guardhouse to investigate, since Raylis had been there prior to it hapepning. They discovered that the kagouti had killed most of the town, including the guards. Meanwhile, Gudrun and her crew, including her second-in-command (an Imperial named Arellius) and Per (still Gudrun's prisoner, who agreed to follow her orders in the hopes that he could bide his time and find an opportunity to escape), arrive in Suran. They noticed Llevana and Llela's group from a distance, and Gudrun and her crew attacked the adventurers inside the guardhouse, while Arellius and Per waited outside to capture any survivors. Arellius held Valentia (a Breton) and Niralie (an Altmer) at swordpoint and tried to kill them after Katien (another Breton) made herself a threat; he failed due to Katien's spell, and ended up fleeing after more adventurers made it outside. Gudrun's crew lost in the fight and it became a standoff between her and the adventurers still inside. Gudrun revealed that she'd kept Aythu with her, invisible; the vampire was lured outside and eventually killed by a waitress from Desele's, a Dunmer named Sethesi. Per entered the guardhouse and attacked Gudrun, killing her.

A troop of masked soldiers arrived in town and began executing any of the villagers who had survived the kagouti attack, and then made their way toward the adventurers. Raylis, the Dunmer that Llevana had been suspicious of, led some of the group away - Valentia, Niralie, Arellius (who no longer had Gudrun to work for, and who wanted to avoid being killed by the soldiers), Katien, Psyfalia, and Aenar - while Llevana, Per, and Sinyail remained behind with the injured Llela. While the soldiers went after the fleeing group, the others remained safely unnoticed inside the guardhouse. Raylis' group trekked through the woods and lost their pursuers; along the way he explained that he was part of a "good" organization that fights an "evil" one - the troop of soldiers worked for the evil one - and that he was taking them to his organization's HQ in Hammerfell. His group arrived in Vivec, where everyone had a chance to bathe, drink, etc. An argumentative Orc named Maurzol met the group and decided to join them. Llevana's group caught up with the others, and everyone headed to the dodgy ship that Raylis had booked. A nervous Argonian named Sees-in-Shade decided to sail with them. Small talk occured, everyone spent the night on the ship, and it set sail in the morning. Arellius beat up Psyfalia in retaliation for her cutting his hammock strings when he refused to help with the ship. More small talk occured.

    Act 2 - Pre-Split 
The ship sailed for three days. On the third night, somewhere off the coast of Skyrim in the midst of a storm, the ship hit something, causing it to start taking on water. Niralie and Sinyail's attempts to stop the leak were unsuccessful. Arellius, Niralie, and Valentia took the only lifeboat, and the ones remaining on the ship continued to try to keep it afloat long enough to get it to shore. Aenar and Per fell overboard, Katien was found drowned belowdeck, and the mast fell on Raylis, killing him. The remaining people - Maurzol, Sees-in-Shade, Sinyail, and Psyfalia - ended up having to build a raft from materials found on the ship. Psyfalia was flung into the sea, and between her injuries and skooma withdrawal, was too weak to swim, and also drowned.

At this point, the two groups' stories diverge, and so they each have their own folders.

    Act 2 - Raft Group Post-Split > Cave 
While the ship continued to sink, the group on the raft - Maurzol, Sees-in-Shade, and Sinyail - made it to shore, where they encountered two mercenaries, Rosa (a Redguard) and Kelessa (a Breton). Rosa "offered" to bring them to civilization if they helped with a Dwemer ruin, and since they didn't stand much of a chance surviving lost in the wilderness of Skyrim without supplies, they were forced to accept.

Not far from where the other group had landed with their raft, a Nord named Hodor told stories at the village he was visiting, and set out with a group of Nords to try and find any plunder from the wrecked ship. He and Maurzol got into a fight; Rosa, Kelessa, Sinyail, and Hodor's companions got involved, and the Nords and the Orc were dead by the end of it.

Rosa and Kelessa brought Sinyail and Sees-in-Shade, the only remaining survivors of the raft, to a cave near Dawnstar where a large camp had already been set up. This was not their own camp, but rather the expedition of a young noble named Theodastyr Camlorn. Some of the people that Theodastyr had specially hired for the task - two Khajiit named Khazi-daro and Nammu, a Redguard named Mr. Ruuz, and an Argonian called Talks-Too-Much - sat around a fire, and Nammu noticed Rosa's small group sneaking around the cave and confronted them. After a discussion with the baronet's steward, Rosa volunteered them all to join the expedition.

That night, the camp was attacked by Falmer. Although there were quite a few casualties and disappearances, none of Rosa's group, nor Khazi, Nammu, Mr. Ruuz, or Talks-Too-Much, were killed. Another Argonian, an assassin named Darkscale, discovered the cave. The survivors ventured into the cave in order to rescue some of the captured men and retrieve whatever treasure lay within, but between Falmer attacks and the traps in the cave, the numbers gradually dwindled. Eventually the only five survivors were Rosa, Khazi, Nammu, Darkscale, and Sees-in-Shade. They came upon a gem of some sort, which Rosa grabbed. A portal appeared, she cast some sort of spell that sent them flying backward into another portal, and she stepped through the first one herself.

The adventurers awoke in the woods not far from Dawnstar. Darkscale started off on his own, found some ripped-apart bodies, and was knocked over by a shadowy beast that headed toward the others, who heard it howling and prepared to fight (Khazi started to flee.)

(At this point this group was discontinued due to lack of interest in the few remaining players.)


    Act 2 - Lifeboat Group Post-Split > "Threads of Fate" 

Niralie, Arellius, and Valentia made it ashore and discovered a cave containing a lit fire. After warming up, they encountered a troll fighting a dremora and got dragged into the fight; eventually both dremora and troll were killed. Then the owner of the fire - an Altmer mage named Nandrnil - arrived and tried to kill them. Niralie, disoriented from a head injury, got lost and ended up talking to Nandrnil, while Arellius and Valentia fled outside the cave. There they encountered a Bosmer bounty hunter, Eolwyn, who had been hunting Nandrnil - a necromancer wanted for murder - for a long time. Nandrnil apologized for attacking them and offered food and shelter, and when he and Niralie exited the cave, Eolwyn made her move, and they fought. Nandrnil was eventually captured.

Eolwyn and Arellius brought the captive Nandrnil and the injured Niralie and Valentia to Windhelm. The two women woke healed in an inn (Arellius was gone), and met Dorian, a Breton, there. They (and Eolwyn at the same time, at another inn) learned that Dunmer pirates were attacking townspeople and stealing only jewelry, and that the Jarl and town guard were doing nothing because the pirates were paying them off.

Eolwyn set out to learn more about the pirates, and eventually got to their ship and spoke with their captain, Dalvum Linvail. She learned that he was looking for Daedric artifacts called Threads of the Webspinner, that he knew one was in town, and that his father's fleet would attack Windhelm if the artifact in town was not given to him. He made his way back to a cabin and fought Grelok, an Orc thief who had crept into the cabin and stolen one of the Threads that had been kept there. Grelok ended up killing the captain and escaping the ship, which was set ablaze during the fight.

Arellius, at the time, was a little richer than usual after having stolen Niralie's enchanted rings, and was spending some of it on a whore. They were interrupted by a stranger known only as "The Debt Collector", who seemed to have some sort of history with Arellius, and attacked him.

Niralie, Dorian, and Valentia decided to do some shopping and split up, and Valentia was attacked by a pirate despite being in a busy market in broad daylight. She was unharmed, but had simply been robbed of the ring she'd been wearing as a necklace, which she revealed to Niralie was one of the Threads. The innkeeper revealed that his daughter was missing, and the pair set off to find her, along with Dorian.

The Debt Collector made his way to Windhelm and spoke with the Jarl, posing as "Quintus Iliad", a member of the Mages Guild. In truth he was on a mission to assassinate him, but found no good opportunity to do so.

Eolwyn met Grelok and the two became allies. They caught the pirate that had attacked Valentia, and went to turn him in to the guard and speak with the Jarl about the attack. Valentia joined them after encountering them in the streets. Jarl Valdimar proved his incompetency when the attack was revealed to him and he ran and hid, and so it was decided that Ragnir, a man who had been outspoken about stopping the pirates, would fight Jarl Valdimar for his position; Ragnir was successful. He and the others at the palace began preparing for the attack.

Niralie and Dorian were joined in the search for the innkeeper's daughter by The Debt Collector. They learned that she'd fallen in love with the pirate captain, and found her dead at the docks, having gotten caught in the blaze. They shared the news with her father and met up with the others again at the palace. The group split the Threads among them: Valentia continued to hold on to her Ring of Sanguine Silver Wisdom (Illusion), Grelok kept the Belt of Sanguine Fleetness (Athletics), Niralie was given the Ring of Sanguine Red Wisdom (Destruction), and Eolwyn took the Amulet of Sanguine Enterprise (Mercantile).

The battle against the pirates began at dawn. Niralie, Valentia, The Debt Collector, Eolwyn, and Grelok took positions at the Windhelm docks, and Dorian and an Argonian named Zudeel chose the bridge at the entrance to the city. The Snow Quarter also had its defenders; among them were two Nord women, Katlina and Nora. The docks fell, and so the defenders made their way to the Snow Quarter. Jarl Ragnir was badly wounded against Malvirian; Niralie and Katlina saved him while Grelok faced the pirate king. Grelok distracted the pirate at the cost of one of his hands, and then Valentia, invisible, stabbed him from behind, and finally Eolwyn shot him with an arrow to finish him off. Meanwhile, Dorian and Zudeel fought Malvirian's daughter, Vayniah. Although they defeated her, their argument with each other gave her the opportunity to escape, still holding on to her Thread.

After the battle, those with healing abilities tended to the wounded, and later on the Thread-bearers (including Nora, who had taken Malvirian's Thread), went to the Windhelm jail to speak to Seeks-The-Lost, Malvirian's seer. She revealed herself to be an avatar of Sanguine himself. The Daedric Prince explained that he wanted the Threads - all 27 - returned to him, and he would give rewards for each one returned. They each decided to return their Threads for various reasons and were rewarded: Eolwyn decided to forgo her reward, Valentia asked for Dorian to be given one instead (he was given a drinking vessel that, when filled, would remain filled with the same liquid for the rest of the day), Grelok was given a prosthetic hand disguised as Dwemer-made, Niralie was given replacements of some of her rings that had been stolen by Arellius, and Nora was given a map that would always update to show the area surrounding her. Sanguine gave them the Ring of Sanguine Unseen Wisdom (Mysticism) and explained that if a mystic would scry for the other Threads while wearing it, they would be able to determine the other Threads' location.

That night, a feast was held in the Palace of Kings. The Debt-Collector decided not to attend, not wanting the attention, but the others were there: Eolwyn, Grelok, Nora, and Katlina got drunk and rowdy, Dorian and Valentia flirted and danced, Zudeel kept apart from the others and sparred with the guards, and Niralie mingled with the townspeople. The nine Champions were all given epithets based on their roles in the battle, commemorated on a plaque that would be displayed at the Palace of Kings, and a bard song was written about their deeds.

    Act 3 - "Threads of Fate" 
The champions of Windhelm (aside from the Debt-Collector, who had slipped away quietly on his own) were richly rewarded for their role in saving the city: each was given a horse, gold, an enchanted weapon, and a ring bearing Windhelm's emblem. They set off for Riften to find the Thieves Guild, where Grelok knew of a mystic that could scry for the Threads for them. They spent some time at the Thieves' Guild headquarters, where a member scryed for the Threads as planned, and Valentia decided to leave the group to join the Guild.

The group set out for the next Thread, in Falkreath Hold. Along the way they were attacked by assassins disguised as caravan guards (who introduced themselves as members of an organization called the "Hollow Council"), and the fight was going badly for the Champions, when suddenly they were rescued by another group, which included the steward from Windhelm, Grelok's mother, Dorian's father, and the pirate lord's daughter Vayniah (a new member of said group). This group brought them to a manor in Falkreath Hold, where the Champions recovered and rested a bit. That evening they were joined by the Emperor himself, who told them that he was the leader of a group called the "Grey Vigil" that opposed the Hollow Council. The Hollow Council was searching for an Elder Scroll to initiate a Dragon Break - either reshaping the world or potentially destroying it - and the Champions were prophesied as the people who could defeat the Hollow Council, which is why they'd been targeted. The Emperor left after the conversation, introducing two new traveling companions: a Redguard woman named Dulani, and Arellius.

Sanguine appeared to the group immediately after. He told them that the Hollow Council was searching for the Threads as well, and that he'd reveal the location of an Elder Scroll to whichever group retrieved the most Threads. As he left, he put them all under his influence, resulting in all the heroes waking up the following morning to find that they'd indulged in an unremembered night of debauchery. A member of the Vigil, a Khajiit named Ra'zhar, joined the group on their journey, and they set off to find the Thread. They found it at Lake Illinalta: it was guarded by an undead sea serpent, which they fought and killed. Grelok, Nora, and Katlina retrieved the Belt of Sanguine Denial (Block) from a chest in the lake.

They made their way to Markarth (though Katlina decided to head back to Solitude herself due to feeling insecure about how much value she provided to the group). Grelok suspected the Thread might be with the court wizard and went off to find them, the others went to an inn where, as Niralie scryed for him and the Thread, Sanguine possessed her and warned that Grelok was about to be ambushed by the Hollow Council. Grelok and the court wizard, a Dunmer named Teldril Indalla, fought an assassin and the Dwemer automatons he'd set upon them in the Dwemer museum, and Teldril revealed himself to be a vampire while saving Grelok's life. The rest of the adventurers, meanwhile, rushed to the palace and, along with the Jarl's guard, helped finish the fight. The Jarl spared Teldril's life but banished him from the hold, and most of the adventurers returned to their inn (while Nora spoke with Teldril and obtained the Ring of Sanguine Green Wisdom (Restoration).)


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