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A list of Crowning Moments of Awesome in the roleplay Tamrielic Adventures.

  • Grelok's escape from the Morgiah while it burns. Using the Athletics-enhancing Thread and a sprig of Nirnroot to distract slaughterfish in the water below, he leaps out of the captain's cabin in an Outrun the Fireball moment.
  • The entire battle against the pirates in Windhelm, and the bard song written about it:
    Hear me now friends, set aside your ale,
    Lend me your ears, I'll tell you a tale,

    Of nine noble champions, both short and tall,
    Who came to bring the Pirate's Fall

    Niralie, fair wizard, hands wreathed in flame,
    Yet gentle and humble, eyes soft and tame

    Young Rumare, soft-spoken, with a heavy heart
    Wielding mirages as her chosen art

    Eolwyn, so quick, with arrow and bow
    Shot forth and made Linvail's blood flow

    Dorian, the scion, with charm, grace, and wit
    Kept the light of hope so brightly lit

    Grelok, shadow's friend, devious yet brave
    For dueling the captain, his right hand he gave

    Nora, The Fox, strong arms and fair face
    Gave up her shield, and slew with grace

    Quintus, mysterious, yet mystic was he
    Fought the rain of fire and sent them back to sea

    Katlina, the healer, with a will made of stone,
    In equal measure, mended and broke bone

    Zudeel, stoic and distant, in the wall of fire
    Fought back the foul Dunmer mistress' ire

    Together they fought well, through tooth and nail,
    And on this fair night, their names we shall hail.

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