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Heartwarming / Waking Nightmares

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  • The Light in the Darkness appears to be canon. For those who don't know, it's widely considered a Cupcakes antidote.
  • The fused forms are this + Moment of Awesome.
  • Sniper promising Dash that he'll be her eyes until she can see again.
  • After seeing what being cured of their curse did to the rest of Ponyville, all of Grey Hoof's allies immediately Heel–Face Turn.
    Starlet: "These ponies took us in. They knew nothing about us, and they loved us as if we were their own."
    Romero: "This is our home now. We're not going anywhere."
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  • How Derpy got her Cutie Mark. She just had her first foal, Sparkler, and because she had yet to get her cutie mark and didn't know who the father was, Foal Protective Services was going to have the foal adopted. When Derpy was saying goodbye, she blew some bubbles with a bubble wand for Sparkler. She got her cutie mark just then for making Sparkler happy, and the pony assigned to her case, File Finder, decided that he could spin it as a motherhood cutie mark, and avoid breaking up a family.
  • How Barricade behaves when she thinks she's about to die is very heartwarming.
    Barricade (To Fluttershy) "No matter what happens, I will always love you, always be with you."
  • In spite of their break-up, RED Demoman still thinks of the BLU Soldier as his friend.
    RED Demoman: Be safe, Solly...
  • RED Medic trying everything to protect RED Heavy from the avatar of Slenderman, even when the he and the other 7 capable members failed to even slow him down, even going so far as to try and use Sasha. It actually works as Medic is able to tap into Heavy's Element of Kindess and his own element, Magic, somehow and blast back the avatar, turning this into a CMOA.
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  • Derpy, after being rescued from Queen Chrysalis, goes back and, with the help of Cadence and Soldier, creates a self-renewing source of artificial love for Chrysalis and her people to feed on, effectively eliminating their need to feed on others. Her reasoning for doing so?
    Derpy: Because no pony deserves to go hungry. And everypony deserves to have love in their life.
  • After the confrontation with Queen Sombra, Scout tells Spy about what she made him relive: the attempted rape of his mother by a man with several similarities to Spy. Spy Pinkie Promises that he will never let anyone hurt him. Their RED counterparts do the same, back on Earth.
  • Even after Discord relapsed back into his Chaotic ways, he still cares about Fluttershy, and is surprised to learn that she has forgiven him for accidentally maiming her.
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  • Cheerilee becomes a Nightmare and tries to kill most of the foals in Ponyville. When she recovers, they all bring her gifts and presents to show that they still trust her.
  • After Queen Chrysalis helps in the defense of Ponyville from Grey Mann's army, Mayor Mare commissions a memorial statue in recognition of her help. It's a touching gesture, given her history.
  • Mitta having her zombie curse broken by Celestia. For those who played Story of the Blanks, this moment is an enormous CMOH because not only Mitta is finally given her own happy ending, but she also gets a hug from Applebloom, whom she saved from Sunnytown's zombies in the game.
  • When almost all of Ponyville is trapped in a Cuckoo Nest, Trixie is the only one who rejects it after spending time with the head doctor. She doesn't have any evidence, not even the slightest scrap of proof, but she maintains that she will find a way out, then return to free her friends. She's the element of hope for a reason.

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